Emmerdale star Jack Downham describes Noah's panic as Chloe discovers stalking

Emmerdale star Jack Downham describes Noah's panic as Chloe discovers stalking

Noah Dingle (Jack Downham)’s approach to women on Emmerdale has always been a little bit difficult, but in upcoming episodes we’ll see how his obsession with Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) has turned into full-on stalking.

When Noah invites Chloe to hang out at his house for the day, at first she’s pleasantly surprised about how nice he’s being. She’s still getting over being badly treated by Nate (Jurell Carter), so she’s flattered by Noah’s attention and he seems to be completely on her wavelength, even liking all the same music that she does.

It’s not until she spots her house keys that she begins to wonder. Sending Noah off to buy snacks she goes through his laptop and sees that he’s been stalking her and collecting information about her for weeks.

Jack Downham told us what happens when Noah returns. ‘Things go downhill very quickly,’ he says. ‘He’s in a state of panic, he has no idea what to do, he believes if he can just explain to her and tell her what he’s been doing and why he’s been doing it over the past weeks, that she’ll understand.’

Unfortunately for him, he can’t explain things away so easily, and there’s worse to come. ‘Charity (Emma Atkins) walks in on this very heightened situation with Chloe,’ he says. ‘She’s really distraught about what Noah’s done, he doesn’t know what to do and he’s trying to keep her quiet and then as soon as Charity arrives, she immediately realises what’s going on.’

It’s a disaster for Noah, but perhaps the wake-up call he needs, as Jack suggests. ‘Right now, I don’t think there’s anywhere back unless he has a serious few conversations with people about his mindset and the way you just think about women and the way you you’re allowed to act around them,’ he says.

But is Noah ready to change his attitude?

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