Emmerdale's Anna Nightingale warns 'everyone should be worried' as Meena takes her first victim

Emmerdale's Anna Nightingale warns 'everyone should be worried' as Meena takes her first victim

EMMERDALE'S Anna Nightingale has warned "everyone should be worried" as evil Meena Jutla takes her first victim.

The actress, 30 Рwho plays Andrea Tate in the ITV soap Рhas lifted the lid on what the twisted nurse has up her sleeve in the coming weeks.

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Doctor Manpreet Sharma's sister joined the village in September last year and has been causing trouble ever since.

So far she's murdered Andrea's pooch Princess in a bid to split up Andrea and her sister's ex, vicar Charles Anderson.

It has also been implied that she managed to kill her friend Nadine when she was younger, and this week she tries to frame Jacob Gallagher for stealing a pot of charity money in a sick scheme to get rid of him.

During a chat with Inside Soap, Anna teased that there are worse things yet to come, as she said: "Everyone in the village should be worried!"

The star continued: "Who knows what Meena is capable of? Andrea feels like Meena's a bit unhinged and tries to give her a wide berth.

"But she's unaware of anything Meena's done, and doesn't think she has any reason to meddle.

"Andrea's just trying to avoid drama ‚Äď so unless her relationship is threatened or her daughter is threatened, then she's not going to weigh in. But the minute that happens, she'll be straight on the case!"

Earlier today it was revealed that death is coming to The Dales next week as Meena will kill one of her enemies.

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She will snap and claim her first victim in the village in scenes bosses are calling ‚Äúharrowing‚ÄĚ.

Soap boss Kate Brooks teased: “Meena has been a whirlwind since arriving in the village, scheming and manipulating people and situations to get what she wants and causing nothing but drama and unnecessary heartache in the process. 

“Her seemingly caring facade belies her true persona; a woman with a murky past and no conscience. 

“Meena’s lack of empathy is often perceived by those around her as little more than spoilt petulance, however, we soon learn the true extent of her narcissistic and amoral character.

“Malevolent Meena will wreak havoc in the village and once she has you in her sights, no one is safe from her devious and dangerous machinations.

"This storyline will see the viewers gripped as they realise that this is a woman who is capable of anything and everything."

But who will be her first victim?

Boyfriend David Metcalfe is about to cheat on her with Victoria Sugden, so maybe it could be the shop owner.

And we all know that she isn't a huge fan of his son Jacob as he's been getting in the way of her relationship with David.

Next week Jacob‚Äôs girlfriend Leanna Cavanagh discovers Meena‚Äôs past secrets… so could it be her?

Or has Meena well and truly had enough of Andrea and Charles' relationship and will kill one of them to end it for good?

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