Emmerdale's Holly Barton actress Sophie Powles reveals she's pregnant with her first baby

Emmerdale's Holly Barton actress Sophie Powles reveals she's pregnant with her first baby

EMMERDALE actress Holly Barton has revealed she's pregnant with her first baby.

The 32-year-old actress – who played Holly Barton in the ITV soap – shared the news on Instagram with a picture of her bump on the beach.

Sophie showed off her growing baby bump in a leopard print swimsuit as she relaxed on holiday with her filmmaker partner Mark Waters.

"And so the adventure of us three begins," she wrote.

Sophie was just a teenager when she landed her role on the soap and played Holly for three years from 2009 to 2012.

Last year Sophie said she felt like a "failure" after having to take a cafe job while looking for acting work.

The actress opened up about the struggles of being working class while trying to find a job in acting.

She worked at the trendy High Mood Food in Chelsea, which she said felt like "defeat".

Sophie took to Instagram to commemorate her last day working at the health food cafe.

She wrote: "Bye @highmoodfood. I moved to London a few years ago to further pursue my acting career.

"Alongside various odd acting jobs the truth is I have spent most of my time working in a health food cafe. It felt like defeat. It felt like failure.

"Eventually I realised the lessons I was learning. To just find happiness in the everyday and the people you have around you.

"To be grateful for just simply waking up and being healthy. Breaking the Habit I had of thinking I will be happy when I get that acting job or that audition.

"To know that the depression and anxiety I continue to fight is only temporary.

"It’s so hard to even get an audition or email answered never mind an actual job."

Sophie finished by saying: "But I have had the pleasure of working for @Ursel barnes who is the most inspiring woman and meet the most amazing people.

"I’m not going to lie I have definitely had a little cry when washing dishes, mopping a floor or been spoken to like crap by a customer or asked why I don’t just get an acting job? (As if I don’t think about that every day!)

"But most of the time I have been laughing and I am so very grateful. 🙌🏻"

Sophie got the role of Holly Barton on Emmerdale as a teenager and was on the soap from 2009 to 2012.

She then came back to Emmerdale briefly in 2016, before leaving again the same year.

Later, she moved to London in the hopes of finding more acting opportunities.

She told Yahoo Movies how much harder she's had to work than others: “If you are from a working-class family like I am, we have to work, that is the only option.

“I have always just wanted to act but I have had to work from a young age to support that. I always had a little Saturday job to contribute.

“I am very lucky, I have got an amazing mum and dad who worked so hard to take me to my singing, dancing and acting lessons but they can’t do that forever.”

Sophie also revealed she had “done all sorts” to stay afloat.

She's taught yoga to children, been a nanny,babysat and even worked asa lifeguard.

“I was very lucky but it’s unrealistic to think that anyone could afford to live in London and just wait for auditions," Sophie explained.

“Whilst in London I wanted to try and do some workshops and networking events and they cost money so I had to have my day job, otherwise I would literally be living in London never leaving my room.”

She revealed while working at the cafe people would recognised her from Emmerdale.

“When I was in the cafe a few people would recognise me and be like ‘What are you doing here?’ and I’m like, ‘I need a job, I need to pay my rent.’

“The acting industry is so hit and miss, one minute you could be having the best job and then it finishes and there is no guarantee when your next job is going to be and you just have to accept that and be willing to get your hands dirty and get to work.”

Sophie had a message for other struggling actors, “no-one should ever feel embarrassed or ashamed because there are so many actors out there and not a lot of acting opportunities, so of course it makes sense that we have to do other things while we wait”.

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