Five Coronation Street spoilers: shock acid attack and rape ordeal exposed | The Sun

Five Coronation Street spoilers: shock acid attack and rape ordeal exposed | The Sun

DAISY Midgeley is getting ready to walk down the aisle with Daniel Osbourne, fully convinced Justin has been taken care of.

She gets a nasty surprise on her big day while another Coronation Street resident shares their rape story. Here's what you need to know.

1. Horrific acid attack 

Daisy Midgeley is ready to walk down the aisle with her on-off flame Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) but the pair have had different views on what their nuptials should look like.

The barmaid portrayed by Charlotte Jordan has also had to deal with her mother Christina coming back into her life after years of estrangement.

But in a devastating twist, she also became an obsession for a troubled man named Justin (Andrew Still) whom she met in hospital.

However, in recent scenes of the ITV soap, Daisy's stalking ordeal appeared to finally be over as Justin had been arrested and charged with assault, allowing her to focus on her upcoming wedding.

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Unfortunately, she becomes convinced her wedding is cursed as she wakes up with a bloodshot eye.

Her worries grow when Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) is forced to step in as chauffeur as the wedding car has been stolen.

To make matters worse, the cake arrives decorated with a retirement message.

Thankfully for her, Daisy receives the help of Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) and Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger).

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She arrives downstairs looking a million dollars and both women leave for the venue.

Ryan loads the car and is approached by former girlfriend Alya Nazir who wishes him luck for his upcoming DJ venture in Ibiza.

He then goes into the pub for Daisy – but a familiar and unwelcome face is also in the Rovers.

Daisy is shocked to find Justin lurking in the iconic pub and he advances on her holding a glass full of clear liquid.

Justin gives her a terrifying warning, promising nobody will ever want her again once he's done with her and he throws acid at Daisy.

2. Paul makes a shock confession

Regular viewers of the Manchester-based drama will remember that the builder played by Peter Ash got knocked over by an Underworld van driven by Carla Connor while he was on Peter Barlow's motorbike.

The factory boss had been spiked with LSD by Stephen Reid, unbeknownst to everybody in the cobbles.

Paul was faced with some health issues but when his twin sister Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) had to pay off a whopping gas bill, he decided to give her a hand.

Unfortunately, this backfires on him this week.

As many Weatherfield residents prepare to celebrate Daisy Midgeley's nuptials with Daniel Osbourne, Paul is unable to escape reality.

Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank), with whom he's recently rekindled a romance, sees he's worried as he picks up a glass of champagne in his left hand.

Paul doesn't beat around the bush and admits he's spent every penny of the loan and has no idea how he'll pay it off.

Before he took out a loan for his sister, Paul was advised to hold off by Billy who was afraid he'd set his recovery from the van crash back.

But Paul eventually listened to his heart and decided to help Gemma – how will he overcome his financial woes?

Luckily for him, his flatmate and friend Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) comes up with a solution.

In later scenes, following Daisy Midgeley's horrific acid attack, Dee-Dee offers Paul some filing work at the solicitors'.

Will things work out for Paul?

3. Amy opens up about her rape

Meanwhile, Amy Barlow is still trying to get back to a normal life after being raped by Aaron Sandford.

The teen portrayed by Elle Mulvaney was taken advantage of by Aaron Sandford (James Craven) after a drunken evening.

But when she confronted the lad about his actions, he insisted they were both drunk and consensual before pleading with her to stay quiet and not say anything to his girlfriend Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby).

Although she's trying to remain silent, Amy fails to keep her trauma completely under wraps.

The truth begins to unravel as Amy gets ready for Daisy Midgeley and Daniel Osbourne's wedding.

As she stands awkwardly in her bridesmaid dress Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) gives her a friendly squeeze and she flinches.

Her reaction doesn't go unnoticed by Simon (Alex Bain) but when he tries to broach the subject, she snaps at him – just as her mother Tracy (Kate Ford) clocks the exchange.

The truth catches up with Aaron elsewhere in the cobbles when Summer reads a text on his phone which suggests to Amy they put things behind them.

Summer demands to know what's going on and, stealing himself, Aaron admits they slept together the night of their big breakup.

However, Aaron assures Summer it was a one off and they both regret it – but she's still devastated.

Summer confronts Amy who bursts into tears and assures her she's got it all wrong.

But she only opens up to her mother Tracy about how Aaron raped her.

The florist is horrified as Amy describes how she passed out drunk and Aaron sexually assaulted her.

Amy is urged by both Tracy and her father Steve to report Aaron to the police – will he be arrested?

This remains to be seen but while Amy will be getting the support she needs from her parents, Summer won't be as helpful to her.

In later scenes, she strides over and demands that Amy apologise for sleeping with Aaron.

When Amy reveals she was actually raped, Summer is shocked and accuses her of lying.

How will she cope with her friend turning her back on her?

Could a murderous Tracy get revenge?


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4. Beth gets closer to Marco

The Underworld machinist played by Lisa George landed herself into plenty of trouble when it was revealed that she had slapped Hope Stape before bribing the girl into staying quiet.

Her relationship with her partner Kirk Sutherland (portrayed by Andy Whyment) was left on the rocks by the incident and the packer nearly called it quits.

However, matters could go from bad to worse between them as Beth recently got in touch with her former boyfriend Marco.

This week, Beth agrees to meet him again as he wants to organise a school reunion.

Glenda Shuttleworth sees right through Marco and warns Beth to steer well clear.

Yet Beth decides to ignore her advice and she meets in a hotel bar with Marco.

She soon realises she should have listened to Glenda instead of being stubborn.

Could she cheat on Kirk?

5. Michael is on to Stephen

Corrie viewers are expecting Stephen Reid to strike again and add another murder under his belt.

The villainous character portrayed by Canadian actor Todd Boyce may find another target in the form of Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell).

Coming up on ITV, Stephen lies to the Underworld factory staff, assuring them he has a meeting to finalise the American deal that same afternoon.

Michael is intrigued and consults Stephen's diary to realise there's no mention of any meeting with the Americans.

He later begins to ask questions but how will Stephen respond?

The serial killer's lies slowly unravel before Michael's eyes as he shows his uncle Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) his new designs, explaining how he hopes to persuade the American clients to get back on board.

Following a conversation with Owen, Michael decides to confront Stephen and asks him why he cancelled the American deal before lying about it.

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Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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