Five massive Hollyoaks spoilers: iconic lovers reunite and a shocking relapse | The Sun

Five massive Hollyoaks spoilers: iconic lovers reunite and a shocking relapse | The Sun

LOVE is in the air this week in Chester but who will follow through with their feelings?

Old flames give it another go in Hollyoaks while some residents are still picking up the pieces from past mistakes.

1. Juliet makes a decision

Juliet Nightingale (portrayed by Niamh Blackshaw) is trying to cope with her illness as best as she can.

After a failed relationship with Nadira Valli, which led to the breakdown of the latter's wedding ceremony, Juliet FINALLY comes to terms with her lingering feelings for her former girlfriend Peri Lomax (Ruby O'Donnell).

But one thing remains to be seen this week – will she take action?

Juliet is terrified she may have messed things up with Peri too many times and decides to turn to her family for help.

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However, she seemingly gets confirmation that it's too late for her and Peri as she spots her former girlfriend having drinks with a stranger.

Deflated, disheartened and feeling like she missed her chance, Juliet decides to stop her brother James from making the same mistake.

In later scenes, Donna-Marie Quinn (Lucy-Jo Hudson) tries to get Juliet and James in the mood for Valentine's Day but her attempts go down like a lead balloon.

Leela Lomax (Kirsty-Leigh Porter) eventually approaches Juliet with some strong words of advice… and Juliet decides it's time for her to hatch a plan for Peri.

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Later on at the pub, Juliet refuses to give up on love and goes through with her romantic gesture by confessing her feelings for Peri.

How will Peri react?

Is it too late for them?

2. James drops a bombshell

As mentioned above, Juliet isn't the only one who has been desperately trying to get an old lover's attention.

In recent weeks, chemistry has been brimming between James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) and Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson).

But neither the solicitor or his former flame have acted on their clearly mutual feelings.

Coming up this week on Channel 4, James is bothered to see Peri take her date, mentioned above, back home.

He confronts her, which only leads to broken hearts.

Bolstered by his half-sister Juliet in later scenes, James makes a massive decision about his future.

During a Valentine's Day bash, amid Scott Drinkwell's flamboyant performance on stage, James takes more than just the mic with a huge announcement.

Ste is left with his jaw dropped.

But what's in store for both him and James?

Can they ever patch things up?

What kind of luck will lovers' day bring them?

3. John-Paul slips up

But while viewers will have to wait with bated breath before they can find out whether all four lovers can ever give it another go, there's more turbulent drama to come.

John-Paul McQueen (James Sutton) has been battling an alcohol addiction for several months and it unfortunately resulted in him losing his job as a teacher at Hollyoaks High and having to stay in rehab.

The beloved character is caught up by his demons this week and tries to cover up his relapse.

But when he fails to remember promising his son Matthew-Jesus they'd spend the day together, the youngster lashes out, upset that he's been let down again.

Tension brews in the McQueen household when a clean-up party for Goldie's anti-Valentine shindig leads to Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe) discovering her brother was drinking all along.

When he returns home with more alcohol, he pins the blame on Mercedes and she leaves him with some harsh truths to face out of concern – will he listen?

It's unlikely as John-Paul continues to drink in later scenes and even takes his son out of school for a walk in the park.

With his father drunk and unstable on his feet, Matthew-Jesus is knocked to the floor and bruised.

Later on, Mercedes reflects on how she handled situations with her own son, murderous Bobby, and books a one-way ticket for Matthew-Jesus to go and stay in Alicante with Myra.

How will John-Paul react?

Can he ever get a grip on his addiction?

4. Honour faces comeuppance

Elsewhere in Chester, Honour Chen-Williams (Vera Chok) has to pay the consequences for her outburst against radical misogynist Eric Foster.

The forensic psychologist and Hollyoaks High counsellor slapped Eric across the face in prison after realising he was responsible for the trouble her son Mason had been thrown in.

Mason was heavily brainwashed by incel Eric who was at the head of an misogynistic online blog.

This week, Honour gets a shocking call from the prison who want to question her about her outburst.

But as she prepares herself for all the questioning, hellbent on saving her career, her husband Dave (Dominic Power) feels pushed away.

Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) hears Honour could lose her job and takes matters into her own hands.

But will she be doing more harm than good?

5. Tony makes a shock discovery

This week is also a whirlwind of emotions for Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) who has been trying to adapt to his long-lost son Beau's presence in the eponymous village.

Coming up, however, he gains access to his wife Diane's laptop and discovers she'd be planning a Valentine's Day even at The Dog prior to the accident.

Tony organises the Romeo and Juliet surprise party for Diane with the help of Darren Osborne, Jack Osborne, Beau and, most importantly, Scott Drinkwell.

He then takes Darren up on his offer to help at The Dog but passing comments from him about Diane training with his son Beau leaves Tony feeling threatened.

Beau and Diane then feel hurt when Tony voices his insecurities to them.

But is he right to feel this way?

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Or is Tony simply being paranoid?

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4 and E4.

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