Game of Thrones’ Tyrion Lannister predicted Jon Snow’s fate at the Night’s Watch way back in season 1 – The Sun

Game of Thrones’ Tyrion Lannister predicted Jon Snow’s fate at the Night’s Watch way back in season 1 – The Sun

TYRION Lannister proved himself to be one of the wisest men in Westeros during her tenure on Game of Thrones.

The tactician and diplomat played a pivotal role in the conquests of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), including the Battle of Winterfell, spearheaded by The Night King and the subsequent torching of King’s Landing.

However, upon taking a look at the HBO fantasy drama’s first season, it turns out Tyrion was as much a prophet as a politician.

Tyrion managed to predict Jon Snow (Kit Harington) leaving The Night’s Watch to pursue a higher calling, despite barely knowing him.

Jon’s introduction was decidedly humble, with the bastard son of Ned Stark (Sean Bean) clearly an outcast from his own family.

Unaware of his royal blood, he heads to The Wall to help defend the realm against the dreaded White Walkers.

In episode 2, The Kingsroad, Jon and Tyrion meet and waste no time sussing each other out.

At the time, the dialogue seemed unexceptional, but with the power in hindsight, we see Tyrion paving the way for Jon’s destiny.

When Jon grills Tyrion about his affinity for books, he responds: “I must do my part for the honour of my house, wouldn’t you agree? But how?

“Well, my brother has his sword and I have my mind and a mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone. That’s why I read so much Jon Snow.”

Tyrion then asks Jon: “And you? What’s your story, bastard?”

Jon shoots back: “As me nicely and maybe I’ll tell you, dwarf.”

When Tyrion learns of Jon’s plans to head north and pledge himself to the Night’s Watch, he begins to sow seeds of doubt.

“A bastard boy with nothing to inherit. Off to join the Ancient Order of the Night’s Watch alongside his valiant brothers-in-arms,” he says cynically.

Jon attempts to defend his motives, rebutting: “The Night’s Watch protects the realm from..”

Tyrion interrupts: “Ah yes, yes against grumpkins and snarks and all the other monsters your wet nurse warned you about.

“You’re a smart boy. You don’t believe that nonsense.”

With a furrowed brow, Jon seems to grapple with Tyrion’s words, perhaps interrogating his motives for the first time.

Of course, Tyrion’s scepticism proved to be well founded, with Jon breaking his vows of celibacy, recruiting The Wildlings and leading an allied force south to take on the undead.

It’s not the only moment from season 1 made all the more poignant by the events that followed.

Jon’s Targaryen bloodline was teased during a conversation with his uncle Benjen (Joseph Mawle).

During a conversation with his uncle Benjen Jon confessed that he wanted to join The Night’s Watch.

He asked his uncle to take him back to The Wall with him, but Benjen dismissed the idea, shooting back: “The Wall isn’t going anywhere.”

Jon stressed: “I’m ready to swear your oath,” at which point Benjen looked decidedly uncomfortable.

He warned Jon:  “You don’t understand what you’d be giving up – we have no families. None of us will ever father sons.”

Jon replied: “I don’t care about that.”

At which point Benjen cryptically said:  “You might, if you knew what it meant.

“I’d better get inside. Rescue your father from his guests. We’ll talk later.”

When Benjen said “if you knew what it meant,” could he be referring to Jon’s potential to father royal offspring?

Certainly the stakes are higher when one’s children could legitimately rule the Seven Kingdoms.

It’s possible that Ned could have confided in his brother about Jon, although this is never spelled out in subsequent episodes.

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