GB News Poll: Should Guto Harri have been suspended for taking the knee?

GB News Poll: Should Guto Harri have been suspended for taking the knee?

Guto Harri takes the knee on GB News as he slams racism

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GB News’s viewers halved during its first month of airtime and figure show it hit zero viewers twice this week. The rock-bottom figures occurred on Wednesday after presenter Guto Harri took the knee as a gesture against racism. Viewers boycotted the show in opposition to his statement move.

One viewer tweeted Mr Harri stating: “I’m Welsh, love GB News and totally embarrassed/gutted by what you did taking the knee. Made me feel sick.”

Critics of the show claim that the recent viewer boycott in opposition to taking the knee, a symbol of solidarity to those who experience racial discrimination, proves that GB News’s audience are racist.

Mr Harri has today reportedly been suspended from GB News as a result of his action.

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The show has also been blighted by technical difficulties such as autocue failure, grainy image, sound problems, poor lighting and has had adverts pulled over content concerns about inclusivity.

Major brands Ikea, Grolsch and Kopparberg all scrapped their adverts on GB News less than a week into broadcast – a move that would have put the show under financial strain.

Andrew Neil, chairman of GB News and former journalist at the BBC, opened the show by saying: “GB News will not be another echo-chamber for the metropolitan mindset that already dominates so much of our media.

“We are proud to be British, the clue is in the name.”

Yougov data from earlier this year showed that 27 percent of viewers thought that news would be better if it was less London-centric, showing that Mr Neil was tapping into a gap in the market with his anti-metropolitan rhetoric.

Mr Neil’s own section of the show named “woke watch” discusses how social movements such as racial equality and transgender rights have “gone too far”, which reflects the sentiment of 55 percent of the UK population outside of London according to Yougov.

Leader of the Brexit party Nigel Farage featured as a guest on the opening night. He blasted the Black Lives Matter movement and was about to give his opinion on whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson had gone “woke” after his G7 speech that mentioned gender equality, but he was instead cut off by a pizza advert.

GB News claims to voice and defend the views of the public that are ignored by mainstream news broadcasters, but want to know whether you think GB News should be taken off air? Vote in our poll and tell us what you think in the comments.

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Less than two weeks after hitting the airwaves, Mr Neil announced he was steeping down from the show to have a break, even though he is the programmes most highly rated presenter.

Some critics have questioned whether his decision has come in response to the failure of GB News’s launch, and that he may be attempting to disassociate his name from the show.

We want to find out who you think is the best GB News presenter, let us know by voting in the poll or commenting below.

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