GMB's Kate Garraway reveals she's struggling to decide whether to vaccinate her children

GMB's Kate Garraway reveals she's struggling to decide whether to vaccinate her children

GOOD Morning Britain's Kate Garraway has revealed she's struggling to decide whether to vaccinate her children Darcy, 15, and son Billy, 12, if it was advised.

The 54-year-old made the comments on today's Good Morning Britain in light of remarks made by Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who questioned whether it is safe to give children the jab.

Speaking to Dr Hilary Jones, Kate asked: "She [Nicola Sturgeon] didn't feel there was enough evidence to make that decision and I think for a lot of people, actually myself included if I'm honest, it's one thing to make a decision for yourself a vaccine based on what you think and it's quite hard to make a decision on behalf of your children.

To which Dr Hilary responded: "Of course, Northern Ireland, as you probably know, are thinking of vaccinating 12-year-olds and above whether they've got pre-existing conditions or not.

"America have been doing this and actually there's millions of children who are capable of transmitting the virus particularly if they're not vaccinated so there's a case for vaccinating children."

Cutting across Dr Hilary, Kate added: "In the public health, but I think sometimes parents worry about the individual.

"We know vaccines are good for the country, we know it's giving everybody a chance to get out and protect the majority of people but for the individual child its tough."

Dr Hillary concluded: "Children become older children and adults and they will become more vulnerable to the virus if it continues to sweep the world which it will almost certainly will, we'll be living with it.

"They will still become vulnerable in the future and since it's a very safe vaccine it seems sensible to me to considering vaccinating 12-year-olds".

Kate's comments come after she enjoyed her first night out in 17 months, ever since the pandemic first started.


The ITV presenter said it was "very exciting" but "very strange" as she enjoyed a night at the West End opening of Wonderville at the Palace Theatre.

The magic and illusion show stars mind reader Chris Cox, Britain’s Got Talent magician Josephine Lee and record-breaking Magic Circle triple champion Edward Hilsum.

It was originally delayed due to a member of the production team testing positive for Covid-19.

At the event, the ITV presenter spoke to PA news agency about her night out and confessed it was her first in well over a year.

Kate said: "It’s our first time out since February 2020 so we are really excited, and this is a date that has sprung up because it was going to happen a few weeks ago and then it didn’t happen and then we just thought, ‘Let’s go for it’ – so very exciting."

The star added that it is sad being at the event without her 53-year-old husband who is still recovering from the effects of Covid-19.

Derek came down with Covid in March 2020 and was placed into a coma that he was in for around 13 weeks – but is thankfully being cared for at home now.

Kate continued to PA: "It was very strange leaving him tonight to come out because he is a big fan of magic, but it is not possible at the moment so we just said next time and see him when we get back.”

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