GMB's Richard Madeley slams anti-vaxxers as 'completely illogical' as 1 in 5 young adults won't get vaccine

GMB's Richard Madeley slams anti-vaxxers as 'completely illogical' as 1 in 5 young adults won't get vaccine

GOOD Morning Britain's Richard Madeley slammed anti-vaxxers as "completely illogical" as it's revealed one in five young people won't get the vaccine.

The presenter responded to a GMB survey that reported 20% of adults under 30 would refuse to get the vaccine when offered or were unsure.

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Richard said the hesitancy is "completely illogical" to say no to the jab as 50% of the adult population has both jabs.

Speaking on Friday, Richard said: "Forgive me viewers who are anti-vaccine or have chosen not to have it – we had a survey yesterday that said one in five kids, basically, 21 to 30, aren't going to have it.

"I'm astonished by that. Maybe it's because I'm an old fart, it seems to me completely illogical to say no to the jab unless you have very specific medical reasons."

Dr Amir Khan responded: "Yeah, there will be a small cohort of people who can't have the vaccine for medical reasons. But young people feel perhaps that they won't get seriously ill from Covid and they won't end up in hospital."

Richard interjected: "Which isn't the point."

Dr Amir then warned of the effects of long Covid: "It's not really the point. They may well be transmitting it.

"The thing we've got to remember as well with these Covid vaccines. People seem to be fixated on hospitalisations and deaths, but there's still long Covid.

"You can get mild symptoms of Covid-19 and develop symptoms of long Covid months and months ahead. I've been working in surgery this month, I've spoken to six people this week alone who didn't go to hospital with Covid who now have symptoms of long Covid. And it's really debilitating."

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson received his second jab of AstraZeneca yesterday as he reassured Brits the jab was safe.

Speaking to reporters outside the hospital, he said: "I did not feel a thing. It was very good and very quick.

"I cannot recommend it more highly. When you get your notification please go and get your jab."

He added: "Don't just listen to me, listen to what all the scientists and the European Medicines Agency have to say."

He was then joined by France's prime minister Jean Castex and Slovenia's leader Janez Jansa, who both received the AstraZeneca vaccine to try and rebuild confidence in it on the continent.

The PM earlier insisted there was no reason to worry about blood clot scare stories from the EU and told Brits: "The Oxford jab is safe and the Pfizer jab is safe.

"The thing that isn't safe is catching Covid, which is why it's so important that we all get our jabs as soon as our turn comes.

"Get that jab when your turn comes. Let's get the jab done."

The World Health Organisation also recommended countries keep using the AstraZeneca jab.

Scientists have even pointed out there's a higher risk of developing one from catching Covid itself.

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