Hilaria Baldwin cuddles with husband Alec & kids in return to Instagram after being slammed for 'faking' Spanish roots

Hilaria Baldwin cuddles with husband Alec & kids in return to Instagram after being slammed for 'faking' Spanish roots

HILARIA Baldwin returned to social media at the weekend – after laying low for weeks amid claims she "faked" her Spanish heritage.

The yoga teacher, 36, sparked outrage in December when it emerged that she was born and raised in Boston – despite publicly claiming she's from Spain.

Hilaria defended herself amid the controversy, insisting she grew up speaking both English and Spanish and that a lot of her family lives in Spain now.

After keeping a low profile on social media, Hilaria shared a slew of family snaps and clips with her husband Alec and their five kids.

The TV personality posted a black and white photo of Alec hugging her in bed to mark Valentine's Day.

"Through the amazing times, the challenging ones, all the many memories and tiny people we have made in between, thank you for being my rock, my courage, my joy, and my forever valentine," she wrote.

"Ok…this was so mushy and I can’t help but be me: you are my pain in the [a**] too. I love you," she added.

30 Rock actor Alec shared his own tribute on Instagram, penning: "Happy Valentine's Day to the most remarkable person I’ve ever known."

Hilaria also posted videos of them playing in the snow with their kids -Carmen Gabriela, seven, Rafael Thomas, five, Leonardo Ángel Charles, four, Romeo Alejandro David, two, and Eduardo, who was born in September. 

"We had a Valentine’s Day freezing Baldwinito dance party on the beach… Alec is trying to learn Romeo’s moves," she captioned a clip of Alec mimicking their son stomping in the snow.

She also captured the kids trying to do the Statue Of Liberty pose and cuddling and kissing each other at home in bed.

The family ended their day with a trip to the beach, where Hilaria mocked Alec for unwittingly dragging a piece of seaweed around that was stuck to his shoe.

Twitter erupted back in December when social media users unearthed old footage of Hilaria using a "fake" Spanish accent in interviews.

In one Today show cooking segment, she appeared to forget the word for "cucumbers".

"We have very few ingredients. We have tomatoes, we have, um, how do you say in English, cucumbers," the mother-of-five said.

Hilaria, whose birth name is Hilary, was quick to defend herself with a lengthy video on Instagram.

She said: “There’s been some questions about where I’m born, I’m born in Boston. I’ve spent some of my childhood in Boston, some of my childhood in Spain."

Hilaria lived in a $4 million home in an affluent Boston neighborhood with her parents David and Kathryn, who retired in 2011 and moved to Mallorca when she was 27.

"My family, my brother, my parents, my nephew, everyone is over there in Spain now. I’m here. There was a lot of back and forth my entire life," she went on.

As for her on-off Spanish accent, she explained: “I’m really lucky that I grew up speaking two languages. I am that person that if I’ve been speaking a lot of Spanish I tend to mix them.

"If I’m speaking more English then I mix that. It’s one of those things I’ve been a little insecure about… If I get nervous or upset I start to mix the two.”

Hilaria also explained: "When I was growing up in this country I would use the name Hilary and in Spain I use Hilaria.

"Yes I am a white girl. Let’s be very clear Europe has a lot of white people in there. My family is white. Ethnically I’m a mix of many things. It’s really as simple as that.

"That’s who I am. You can’t change your background. Not that I would want to. I’m really, really proud of who I am.”

In an interview from April 2020, Hilaria said that she moved to the US from Spain to go to NYU.

Alec, 62, also defended Hilaria, telling one critic to "go f**k yourself" and calling the backlash “just a load of s**t.

A slew of celebrities joined the thousands of people mocking Hilaria over the scandal, with comedian Amy Schumer posing in an over-sized hat and sunglasses.

Amy captioned the now-deleted snap: “I get it. I went to Spain a couple times and love it too.”

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