Inside the MESSIEST Teen Mom homes from Jenelle Evans' 'dirty' wall to Catelynn Lowell's Tupperware full of pee

Inside the MESSIEST Teen Mom homes from Jenelle Evans' 'dirty' wall to Catelynn Lowell's Tupperware full of pee

TEEN Mom stars like Jenelle Evans and Catelynn Lowell have faced backlash through the years for showing their messy and unkempt homes to fans online.

Jenelle, 29, has been slammed for having "dirty" walls and a sink full of dishes, among other perceived "messes" around her house.

The former Teen Mom star was recently slammed for showing off her "dirty mirror" in a TikTok vlog, showing off a day in her life.

Fans were quick to point out splotches on the mirror, which appear to be toothpaste.

The TikTok made its way to Reddit, as many of her posts do, where commenters attacked her for not cleaning the mirror first.

"No one wants your dirty mirror, dirty hoodie, dirty husband or nasty looking coffee," one particularly pointed comment read.

Another critic wrote: "She really can't take two second to wipe her mirror with some windex before filming huh. She'd rather just call herself out with the sparkle emoji and think it's cute."

A third Reddit user chimed in; "How many times have we called her out about the dirty mirror in her cringy bathroom TikToks?"

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Several fans defended Jenelle on the seemingly small offense, with many gushing that they "love" her.

Jenelle has faced much backlash through the years for her videos of her home, as have several other Teen Mom stars.

Here's a down and dirty look at the messiest Teen Mom homes.


In addition to the backlash over her spotty mirror, Jenelle has been slammed for posing in front of a mountain of dishes.

She shared a video of her sweet date night in with husband David Eason, accidentally capturing the sink in the background.

Dishes were piled high, and fans were not forgiving about it.

Jenelle captioned the post: "Date night at home with @easondavid88," and added, "#kidfree."

The video was meant to capture David cooking up some chicken wings for them to enjoy, but instead captured a mess.

Reddit users had a field day attacking Jenelle for living in a "dirty" home.

One commenter noted: "This picture made me get up and deep clean my kitchen."

Another wrote: "She has to empty the dishwasher AND open the blinds every morning," adding "She doesn't have that kind of time."

Jenelle's home has been the topic of conversation online in the past as well.

Not long before the dish issue, she was critiqued for posting a photo of Ensley, which appeared to show a discolored wall in the background.

The photo, posted to Jenelle's Instagram Story, was meant to show off the coin bank her daughter built.

Between the "dirty" wall and Ensley's nails, fans were a bit distracted.

"Her nails are filthy," one Reddit user wrote. "Those poor kids."

Another commenter wrote: "On the one hand, it is nice that they did an activity with her (kit or not – it is SOMETHING). But on the other hand, it just makes me sad to see her hair unbrushed, dirty fingernails, hole in the wall behind her. Save that money up Ensley and get out once you can!"

A third Reddit user wrote: "What's going on with the wall in the back? I can't tell if she never cleaned her kids 'art' off the walls."

Before that, it was her messy yard and living room that fans online took issue with.

Jenelle showed off her home in a YouTube video titled "Sunday Funday."

She showed a glimpse at the exterior of her modular home, complaining for a moment about a bike that was left in the yard.

She then brought viewers inside, where they got a glimpse at her living room.

Bags and clothes appeared to be strewn about the room, which Jenelle ignorred but fans could not.

Viewers couldn't get over the mess, with one commenter writing that she is "so useless."

Another wrote: "Well you got me off the couch and doing laundry at 745 at night.."

She was slammed for her yard once before after sharing a video that showed beer cans in a hunting tent, left over from David.


Mackenzie took heat over her home in May after a photo of her peeing in a sink resurfaced online.

Fans called her "disgusting" for the photo, which she allegedly shared in 2013.

The old photo showed Mackenzie sitting in a sink with her pants down.

An unoccupied toilet was visible next to her.

The photo appeared on Reddit where fans were blown away.

One confused commenter wrote: 'Is this a thing?? Because I've spent nearly 14,600 days on this planet and I've never peed or s**t in a sink AND THE F**KING TOILET IS RIGHT THERE AND UNOCCUPIED."

Another commented: "Eww wtf! She's disgusting!"

A third Reddit user wrote: "Mackenzie is so f**king trashy."


Catelynn faced backlash from fans in February 2021 after an episode of Teen Mom aired.

In the show, she used a Tupperware from her kitchen to take a pregnancy test.

Fans were appalled that she would pee in the container, which is meant to hold food.

Furthermore, many couldn't believe she would bring the container of pee into her kitchen.

One Reddit user commented: "That's nasty."

A second chimed in: "Am I the only one who chooses to sit on the toilet and pee directly on the pregnancy test so I don't have to tote around a container of my own urine?

"Wtf – she's next to the fridge!"

A third user wrote: "I wonder if she was taking Azo … Good God, I hope she was taking Azo …"

Azo is a pain reliever that's used to treat urinary symptoms, like pain, burning, increased urination, and increased urge to urinate.

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