Joey Essex fans in tears as Towie star shares old childhood videos of him and his mum before her tragic suicide

Joey Essex fans in tears as Towie star shares old childhood videos of him and his mum before her tragic suicide

JOEY Essex fans were left in tears at the end of his Grief and Me documentary as the star watched video footage of his late mum.

The 30-year-old reality star sat down with sister Frankie and nan Linda to watch the old family video tapes from before his mum's death at the end of the BBC programme.

Having documented his three-month stint in therapy to come to terms with mum Tina's suicide, Joey sat down to watch the family videos for the first time.

Viewers were left sobbing at the emotional clips, which showed Joey as a child visiting Disneyland and celebrating his birthday alongside his mum.

Sitting between his nan and sister, Joey tentatively turned on the TV, which immediately lit up with a clip from his nan's 60th birthday in 1999.

"Mum!" the young Joey could be heard shouting from behind the camera as he zoomed in on Tina in the opening of the emotional videos.

A second clip saw Joey and his mum sat together by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, while another showed them holding hands as they walked through Disneyland.

Continuing to roll, the film then showed the young boy lovingly looking up at his mum as they met Mickey Mouse at a restaurant in the theme park.

"Mummy was always very calm wasn't she?" Joey told the documentary cameras as a fourth clip showed Tina with Joey as a baby.

"I remember mummy like that – very calm and collected," he described another moment as his mum danced at a family party in a sleek black dress.

"Elegant, and having a bubbly personality like me. I've never watched my mum ever, so this is a huge, huge step for me."

The family were captured smiling watching closing footage of Joey's mum at his birthday party, cuddling up to his big sister Frankie.

"My mum was beautiful, very caring and loving," the former Towie star could be heard saying as the clips came to an end. "She was a good person."

Fans, who were left in "tears" at the emotional family videos, took to Twitter to share their love and support with Joey.

"To see you smile watching videos of your mum for the first time brought a smile and tears at the same time," one woman wrote.

A second agreed: "I'm smiling through tears seeing you watching your beautiful mum with your nan and sister."

"So emotional, that had me in tears," a third said of the clips, while a fourth added: "I’m crying, the home movies do be hitting different."

"Cried all the way through, right up to the home movies," another wrote.

While fans were emotional throughout the entire documentary, many said they "sobbed" as the star returned to where he lived with his late mum.

After having a therapy session, the telly personality decided that the best way to reconnect with his past was by going back to the home where he grew up.

Joey explained to the camera that it was the first time he's ever felt strong enough to go back and revisit those memories he made with his beloved mum.

Joey fought back the tears as he sat on the back door step and remincined about when his mum used to make them all macaroni cheese.

He told the camera: "We'd all just sit here like this. You can imagine the mum in the middle and us two siting here.

"I just knew exactly how it make me feel, it makes me feel this is the closest I've ever been to a feeling like that little boy again."

The documentary also saw Joey open up for the first time about the moment he was told mum Tina lost her battle with depression in 2001.

The reality star choked up as he relived the devastating moment his dad told him "mummy's gone" – spiralling him into years of anxiety and panic attacks.

"I used to go to hospital all the time thinking something was wrong with me. I don't know why, I couldn't explain it," Joey revealed.

The tragedy has left deep-rooted scars, as Joey admitted the grief is killing his dream of starting a family and finding true love.

Joey Essex: Grief and Me is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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