Josh Ritchie mortified as he’s caught lying about going to a strip club after date on Celebs Go Dating – The Sun

Josh Ritchie mortified as he’s caught lying about going to a strip club after date on Celebs Go Dating – The Sun

JOSHUA Ritchie is left mortified on tonight's Celebs Go Dating after he's caught lying about going to a strip club after his date.

The reality star, 25, is caught off guard after his glamorous date reveals she saw him partying on his Instagram story, despite him insisting he hadn't gone out.

It gets worse for Josh when he sheepishly admits he was a little bit drunk while on their last date.

He continues: "And then all the lads said let's go out after it, so I was like 'alright then'."

Admitting the game was up in a one on one with the camera, he says: "Olivia has totally busted me, but I've come up with a cunning plan and it's time to stitch up Mr James Lock."

Back on his date, Josh says: "We went to James Lock's best place…"

When he tells her it was a strip club, she laughs and replies: "Oh bloody hell. Is that what you're all into?"

Pinning all the blame on Lockie, he says: "I only go to them when I'm here and that's cos I'm with Lockie. He's a bad influence that man, you know."

Today Josh's co-star Olivia Bentley denied she’s secretly dating him – insisting they are just “good friends”.

The Made In Chelsea beauty, 24 and the Ex On The Beach star are currently appearing together on Celebs Go Dating and it was claimed they had grown close.

But Olivia has revealed she has in fact known Josh for years and doesn’t find him sexually attractive.

When asked if they are together, she told The Sun Online: “No, we’re not. I’ve known Josh for like five years.

“I knew him long ago, I met him when I was 20, but everyone has asked me this question and it’s so frustrating, because it’s not true.

“He’s one of my really good mates, and I get on really well with him. I find him hilarious, but there’s nothing physically or sexually attractive. We’re not attracted to each other like that.”

She continued: “I mean he is sweet, but you know when you’ve known someone for so long – you don’t find them like that.”

Discussing how they met five years ago, she said: “He was dating a friend of mine, and we both were at the same event and I was with my mate and she was with him, so that’s how we met.”

Last week it was claimed the pair were “serious” about each other and had been dating in secret since the start of February.

Olivia signed up to the show after splitting from Made In Chelsea co-star Digby Edgley, while Josh shocked fans by joining just weeks after his split from Charlotte Crosby.

Josh and Charlotte dated for two years, but two weeks after their break up he decided to do the show.

Geordie Shore star Charlotte raged at the time: "So, a bit of a revelation today. Shocked to say the least. But when you're sitting in Dubai and you find out that your ex-boyfriend, who you didn't think was like this at all, is going on Celebs Go Dating.

"I'm not going to f***ing lie, right, but at one point we were on the verge of getting back. And I said, 'I've been asked to do Celebs Go Dating but obviously I said no, I would never do that’.

"We've only just finished a two-year relationship, we live together and it's just wrong.”

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