Kate Ferdinand looks red hot as she ditches her bra and shows off her incredible figure – The Sun

Kate Ferdinand looks red hot as she ditches her bra and shows off her incredible figure – The Sun

KATE Ferdinand looked absolutely incredible as she ditched a bra and flaunted her incredible figure.

The former TOWIE star, 28, took to Instagram to pose in a slinky red vest top and matching trousers.

The former reality star looked gorgeous in the outfit which complemented her slim frame, as her narrow waist was emphasised by a chunky red belt.

Kate completed the look with a pair of white stilettos, a gold bangle and hooped earrings.

She tied up her hair in a loose ponytail and coated her face in a glam palette of make-up.

The author captioned the pic: "Readdyyy ….", which was followed by a slew of comments.

One fan said: "Wow you look amazing! Love this outfit."

Another fan commented: "Beautiful – inside and out."

A third fan was in awe of Kate's figure and wrote: "Can I have this body."

A fourth fan said: "Love your outfit."

The step-mum of three recently spoke to the MailOnline and described her long and challenging battle with body dysmorphia.

She said: "I used to be obsessed with going to the gym. I feel like I had to go every day and if I didn't go then I'm not going to look good.

"Now I don't go as much to the gym to look good. It's more for my mind and lifestyle rather than adding extra pressure to yourself to go to the gym to look good, and if you missed a day, freak out- I don't do that anymore."

Kate added: "I wasn't seeing what everyone else was seeing so I'd pick loads of flaws in me and I was comparing myself to unrealistic people, like supermodels.

"I don't love my legs they're a bit stumpy. I was comparing my legs to a supermodel's legs and they're really never going to be the same."

Last month Kate starred in a BBC documentary with husband Rio Ferdinand called Rio and Kate: Becoming a step-family, showcasing the challenges and difficulties she was dealing with being part of a new family, who were grieving following the death of Rio's first wife Rebecca.

Kate admitted her documentary helped "save" her relationship with Rio after she was left "in a state" and feeling "isolated and alone".

Speaking on Ferne Cotton's Happy Place podcast, Kate said: "I felt super vulnerable, I was in quite a state.

"When we were filming I struggled with it so much. I was all over the place, but at the same time we needed help.

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