Londoners brutally savage GPs plans for national strike ‘Get it back together!’

Londoners brutally savage GPs plans for national strike ‘Get it back together!’

London residents react to the proposed GP strike

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GB news Patrick Christys has taken to the streets of the UK to find out whether Britons think they would tolerate a GP strike. It came after the the British Medical Association (BMA) planned for a ballot on industrial action over NHS’s proposals for more face-to-face appointments as lockdown restrictions ease. 

GB news Patrick Christys was seen speaking to a few Londoners on the streets.

One woman said: “I would support them going on strike actually.”

Patrick Christys asked: “Really? Even with waiting times and Cancer Care lists?”

The woman said: “Obviously it would affect a lot of people but you need to do something quite drastic to have a change.”

However, almost every person that Mr Christy talked to next opposed the idea of doctors going on strike.

One man said: “No. You can never get hold of them.

“I actually rang for a couple of months ago 41 times to my local GP and couldn’t get through.”

GPs need to get their act together and get back to work.”

Another man said: “No. Wish I could go and see a doctor.

“It’s hard enough as it is getting past the receptionist.

“What are they striking for? I haven’t seen a doctor in three years.

“If I go into Costa Coffee, they have a plastic screen and you order through a plastic screen.

“It’s important you see a doctor face to face I don’t see what the problem is.”

When asked whether they would support the GPs going on strike, two other women said: “Probably not.

“And I can’t understand why you can’t see GP.

“I just wanted like to know what they’re actually doing.”


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