Loose Womens Janet Street-Porter opens up on marrying a complete disaster

Loose Womens Janet Street-Porter opens up on marrying a complete disaster

Janet Street-Porter opens up about her chaotic former marriage

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Long-term Loose Women panellist Janet Street-Porter has walked down the aisle four times in her lifetime. She first married her first husband Tim Street-Porter when she was just 19 years old. The 75-year-old broadcaster admitted marrying one of her former spouses was “a complete disaster” on the latest episode of the ITV programme.

Janet and her Loose Women co-stars Coleen Nolan, Kaye Adams and Brenda Edwards were discussing whether everyone should learn to live alone. 

Janet thought people should, but admitted she did not recognise the importance of being alone until she was almost 50. 

“When I was 49 and I was living by myself, I went a little bit mad,” she confessed. 

“It was almost like I went back to being like 18 or 19. I went out and did all sorts of unsuitable things. 

“And then I married a complete disaster, which was a bloke I met at a party, that if your teenager daughter said she was going to [marry], you’d say, ‘No, no that’s a bad idea.’ So that is what I did.” 

Janet got divorced from her first husband in 1975 and admitted he had “several affairs” in her 2006 autobiography.

It was not long after her divorce she met Time Out Group founder Tony Elliot who she soon fell in love with. 

The pair were married for two years, but Janet admitted their wedding was a “mistake” once on Loose Women. 

When I was 49 and I was living by myself, I went a little bit mad

She told the panel at the time: “I turned to him and said, ‘Well that was a mistake,’ within 24 hours [of marrying] and he said, ‘I agree’.

“I said, ‘We were such great friends, exactly the same age, why on earth did we get married?’”

She later met documentary maker Frank Cvitanovich, who had been married five times himself, but their relationship as husband and wife was short-lived. 

The final time Janet tied the knot was with a man called David Sorkin and they wed in Las Vegas. 

She previously confessed: “I thought, ‘I don’t know why I’m saying the words ‘I do’ but I’m just saying I do,’ then I was back in the hotel and I was like, ‘ugh’.”

While the broadcaster has been very open about her marriage regrets, she has previously told Loose Women viewers she still has all of her wedding and engagement rings from her exes. 

However, she was not as sentimental when it came to her wedding dresses as she decided not to treasure any of them. 

In recent years she told ITV viewers she had given all four of them away. 

She revealed in 2019: “I’ve sold two of my wedding dresses – the fourth wedding dress I gave to Paul O’Grady as an outfit for Lily Savage, and he wore it.” 

Janet has been in a relationship with restauranteur Peter Spanton since 1999 but they have never gotten married. 

She has never had any children and keeps her relationship with Peter out of the spotlight. 

Loose Women airs on weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV. 

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