Luca SLAMMED for savage remark to Gemma as he’s accused of ‘gaslighting’ her by Love Island fans – did you spot it? | The Sun

Luca SLAMMED for savage remark to Gemma as he’s accused of ‘gaslighting’ her by Love Island fans – did you spot it? | The Sun

LOVE Island fans have accused Luca of "gaslighting" Gemma after making a savage remark.

The fishmonger was fuming when his partner licked the other boys during a dancing challenge.

He stuck his arm out to stop her from kissing him and when they returned to the villa Gemma sensed his bad mood.

After confronting him, the pair got into their first fiery row – and fans were shocked by Luca's comments.

He branded her cheeky antics the "worst" out of the girls in the challenge.

One fan said: "Also, let’s call a spade a spade yeah. Luca isn’t fucking “protective” he’s CONTROLLING, JEALOUS and the epitome of GASLIGHTING."


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Another added: "Yo #LoveIsland producers why the f*** do you think airing Luca being controlling and gaslighting Gemma is acceptable viewing? What am I even watching right now? This is disgusting."

Someone else commented: "Nah Luca is so delusional Paige and Danica done the most in that challenge and he’s saying Gemma was the worst."

A fan said: "Luca told Gemma she was the worst in the challenge & he doesn't expect her to behave like that. I was literally covering my mouth in shock. Her mum needs to come in to talk to her. She's only 19 & by the end, she was holding his hand & smiling to him."

After viewers hit out at moody Luca for "pushing" Gemma away during the challenge, his family defended him.

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They said: "9/10 weeks of not contact with family. It's a crazy intense environment where emotions are heightened.

"Learning to have disagreements and resolve them it is part of all successful relationships. Society preaches men not to bottle things up and to open up???

"So proud of how vulnerable and in touch with his emotions he's been. Nothing but real.

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"First to admit if he's being a little "f**k. But really don't feel he's done anything wrong here at all.

"Would do anything to hug him right now."

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