Mark Wright looks broody as he cuddles up to Michelle Keegan's cousin's newborn baby

Mark Wright looks broody as he cuddles up to Michelle Keegan's cousin's newborn baby

MARK Wright looked very content nursing the newest addition to his family and may be next in line to welcome a baby.

The former Towie star, 33, cuddled baby Brody on his shoulder who is the newborn of wife Michelle Keegan's cousin Katie.

Mark looked happily over at the camera as newborn Brody slept cozily on his shoulder.

He posted the heartwarming photo to Instagram professing his love for him.

"The day I met Brody. New member to the clan," Mark captioned the pic.

"Gorgeous little boy. @katiefearnehoughx & Tony he is beautiful !! 💙 love him already."

Mark has constantly fielded questions about when he and the former Corrie star will start a family of their own.

The pair who married in 2015 have said they do want to have children, but Michelle is keen to focus on her career for the timebeing.

While plans to have a baby might not be in the couple's immediate future, they have already started thinking about names.

Mark opened up about their choices in an interview with singer Robbie Williams on his Heart radio show.

 "I’ve got something to ask you actually, in case this happens," Mark started.

"Me and my wife, we’re not trying for kids yet, I’m gonna state that, however we hopefully one day will have kids and she loves both ‘Teddy’ and ‘Theodora’, right, and said – I mean she saw a picture I think of you and the family – and said 'Oh I love that name so much'.

"I’m asking you, if it comes to it and she wants to call the kid Theodora or Teddy, are you gonna be alright with that?"

Robbie gave him the all clear, admitting he'd stolen the name himself from Keith Richards.

But for Michelle, the constant questions about when she's starting a family are "frustrating".

The Our Girl actress, hit back at sexist double standards, insisting "nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors".

Speaking in the August issue of Cosmopolitan UK, the 33-year-old said: "A few years ago it didn't bother me and I answered the question, but now I think, 'I don't need to answer that because nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors'.

"I know for a fact if Mark finished a job, nobody would ask him if he was going to have a baby. It's not fair. It does make me feel frustrated."


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