Married At First Sight Australia viewers outraged as Bryce Ruthven ranks wife Melissa Rawson 4th most attractive bride

Married At First Sight Australia viewers outraged as Bryce Ruthven ranks wife Melissa Rawson 4th most attractive bride

MARRIED At First Sight Australia fans could not believe what they were hearing as Bryce Ruthven sledged his wife Melissa Rawson over her looks.

The couple sat down for the first commitment ceremony of the series and initially told the experts everything was "easy and comfortable" in their "perfect" relationship.

The commitment ceremony sees couple front the experts to talk about how their relationship has gone so far and whether they wanted to stay on in the experiment or leave.

After a little bit of probing from the experts, things started to unravel and Melissa and Bryce became more honest.

"But is it?" expert Mel Schilling asked.

Melissa began to open up: "Bryce told me that he had cheated on his ex, and it's not great but I was understanding."

But Bryce jumped in with a lukewarm defence: "Well I discovered that 'Liss' had a 'friends with benefits' situation with her ex for 12 years."

Expert Alessandra then confronted Bryce on his double standards.

"I find it fascinating that you underline very positively how accepting of your past Melissa has been, and the moment she tells you something about her past, what she receives in judgement," she told him.

That's when Bryce dropped a shocking bombshell that we would not talk to Melissa if he saw her in a bar.

"I've even said to Liss if I were in a bar, would I go up to Liss, probably not," Bryce responded, thinking he'd redeemed himself.

"She's just not my type. She's pretty close, but one little feature's missing… blue eyes."

He then revealed he'd ranked all the Mafs Australia brides in his season and put his own wife Melissa fourth on that list.

The experts chided Bryce and pointed out how beautiful Melissa was and he was lucky to have her.

The couple both decided to stay on in the experiment, but viewers could not believe Melissa would want to be with Bryce, labelling him a "f***ing pig".

"Bryce bashing Melissa very publicly and then whispering sweet nothings in her ear straight after. Beating her down and then giving her a carrot to keep her believing he cares. He is disgusting and it's actually so bad to see," wrote one angry fan on Twitter.

Another added: "If the experts don't call out Bryce for gaslighting Melissa into making her feel like she needed to be sorry then idk for this show."

And a third wrote: "#bryce you are so punching above …. unreal how judgemental you are to that sweet woman."

Just days after the commitment ceremony was filmed, Bryce and Melissa were spotted out in Sydney.

She looked downcast and placed her head in her hands whilst looking to the ground, feeling the strain of the social experiment.

Yet she later composed herself and stared at radio host Bryce with a huge smile on her face.

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