Married At First Sight’s David reveals Michelle and Owen are STILL married six months after the show ended

Married At First Sight’s David reveals Michelle and Owen are STILL married six months after the show ended

MARRIED At First Sight’s David has revealed that Michelle and Owen are STILL married six months after the show ended.

Viewers' hearts melted when Owen and Michelle decided to stay married in last night's series five finale.

The episode also saw fellow couple Shareen and David head for divorce.

David took to social media to confirm that Owen and Michelle were still going strong six months after the show was filmed.

He wrote: "Not sure I'd cope doing it again. But I am really glad I did it, def learned a lot about myself.

"No regrets, no blame. Out of all 4 couples, even though only 2 got married, the matchmakers got 75% success!!! 3 couples loved up and still together.."

Earlier in the episode, viewers saw happy couple Owen and Michelle debate how they would live together – as she lives in Hastings and he has a home in Sheffield.

But when asked by the experts if he would like to stay married, Owen replied: "100% yes. She's fantastic. She's awesome."

He added: "It's just about working out how we stay together. And we need to do it quite soon."

It was then Michelle's turn to answer if she wanted to stay married to Owen and the blushing bride replied: "It's this whole idea of where we are going to live."

She then paused and said: "So… I think that… I am going to move to Sheffield!"

This was much to the experts delight, with her new husband doing a fist bump in the air and sealed the deal with a kiss.

Meanwhile, it wasn't such good news for Shareen and David.

Viewers had watched the couple struggle to connect throughout the series, so it was no surprise when they said they would be divorcing.

In fact, The Sun revealed yesterday how the couple were only togther for 48 hours throughout the whole experiment.

Reflecting on her failed marriage, Shareen was unhappy about being matched with someone she claimed she wasn't compatible with.

In a face to face with the psychologist, Shareen said: "From day two, I knew there was a fundamental difference between us.

"The whole prepping and bag thing in case something bad happens – I feel nothing for that kind of world or that kind of mindset."

But that couldn't be further from the truth for happy couple Owen and Michelle – who are still enjoying wedded bliss.

Last week viewers saw the couple say "I love you" after just one month of being together.

The pair then continued to go from strength to strength – despite being forced into lockdown together.

Meanwhile, Married At First Sight hasn't had the best success rate but it looks like this might be changing.

Many of the couples agree to stay together initially, but none of them have so far lasted the distance.

Last year Steph and Jonathan's marriage ended with annulment papers being issued before the show was even over.

Viewers then watched as Verity and Jack said they would continue their marriage.

But joy quickly turned to heartbreak, when just a month later he dumped poor heartbroken Verity.

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