Megan McCubbin delivers sweet message to amazing Chris Packham

Megan McCubbin delivers sweet message to amazing Chris Packham

Winterwatch: Chris Packham hands over to Megan McCubbin

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Megan McCubbin isn’t a stranger to the world of the natural environment, having grown up with Chirs Packham and in recent years, joining him in BBC’s Autumnwatch and Winterwatch. The 28-year-old spoke exclusively to and paid tribute to Chris, 61, who has been “a massive influence” on her life.

While she is involved in work and projects in her own right, Megan has been able to star alongside Chris in recent years to present the classic BBC observational series, Autumnwatch.

Sadly, the show has recently been cancelled, but Springwatch and Winterwatch will remain on screens.

Chris is well-known for his conservation work and being a passionate voice for animals, dedicating much of his life to helping the natural world.

Megan has certainly been inspired by his efforts, also taking part in conservation work as well as photography and zoology.

Talking to, she explained: “I mean, I met Chris when I was two years old.

“So you know, he, of course, had a massive influence over my life.

“And I think all young people are born with this natural curiosity about the natural world because we often forget that we are part of it.

“So you know, you’re hard-pressed to find a young person that won’t want to follow a butterfly around or, you know, go digging for worms as I did when I was like two or three years old.”

The presenter continued: “And so, you know, we’re all born with that kind of curiosity about wildlife and the environment. And, you “It’s about harnessing that curiosity, which I think Chris definitely helped me do throughout my young childhood years.

“I spent a lot of my time volunteering, and there are lots of brilliant projects around the UK that get people interested in nature and the environment and enhance that curiosity.

“So Chris was definitely an avenue for that for me. I was lucky to have lots of amazing implementers and to kind of get hands-on practical experience.”

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On the BBC’s axing of Autumnwatch, Megan commented: “Obviously, I think it’s sad to see Autumnwatch watch go.

“I really personally loved Autumnwatch. I love autumn. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

“But I know it was a really tricky decision for the BBC. And I know that the money will be really invested into Springwatch to make that as good as it possibly can be.

“And of course, the week that we have for Winterwatch as well.

“So yeah, this series will hopefully be better than ever. But ultimately, it is a shame that we’re losing Autumnwatch.”

In a statement from early February, the BBC confirmed the news, stating: “These are challenging times financially and we need to make difficult decisions and focus our resources on content that has the highest impact.”

It continued: “Sadly, this means that Autumnwatch will not be continuing.

“Instead, we are investing more money into Springwatch and Winterwatch, as they are most popular with audiences.”

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