Meghan Markle's first boyfriend is cut off TWICE in live TV blunder as Lorraine apologises for technical issues

Meghan Markle's first boyfriend is cut off TWICE in live TV blunder as Lorraine apologises for technical issues

MEGHAN Markle's first boyfriend was cut off TWICE in a live TV blunder on ITV's Lorraine today.

Presenter Lorraine Kelly welcomed Meghan's ex onto the show but was soon forced to apologise over numerous technical issues.

Actor and comedian Joshua Silverstein joined Lorraine, 61, via a video link from Los Angeles and was set to reveal how he dated Meghan aged 13 and continued to support her as she joined the Royal Family.

But he appeared on screen for just a few seconds before disappearing from view.

Lorraine handled the hiccup like a pro, telling viewers: "Oh no, oh no, it's frozen, what a shame. This happens all the time, it's like when you call your mother on video and it freezes!

"I tell you what we'll try and get that back, we'll stay with Los Angeles."

After an advert break, Lorraine returned and hoped to reconnect with Josh, who is now married and has three kids.

His face filled the screen and he flashed a huge smile – with Lorraine saying: "We were so rudely interrupted by the joys of Zoom. Oh no!"

She was soon left flapping again, adding: "I don't believe it. I don't believe it! We've lost him again."

When Josh finally reconnected he spoke highly of Meghan and said he had watched her success from afar with pride.

He said: "Meghan was always a strong confident young person. It was very clear to me at the time that she had a very clear idea of where she wanted her path to take her.

"My only thought when I found out that she was going to be marrying Harry was I hope she'll be happy. Love is love, as long as that love is authentic and honest and real then I'm happy for her."

He added: "She has a lot of access now but a lot of responsibility. She is a figurehead, a lot of young black women looking up to her."

However, some viewers were shocked by his claims that the Royal Family had been racist for centuries.

Praising Meghan for speaking about racism in the Royal Family on her Oprah documentary, he said: "She got on Oprah, she was very honest and transparent.

"There is a history of racism in the Royal Family that goes way back to the transatlantic slave trade, so the fact Meghan got on TV and was able to speak about that was awesome, even knowing it could create a lot of tension."

His comments left many viewers outraged, as one said: "Meghan's Ex Boyfriend Joshua spouts as much rubbish as she does @reallorraine #MeghanMarkle #Lorraine The Royal Family is not racist!"

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