Molly Rainford ‘in danger of leaving’ expert claims

Molly Rainford ‘in danger of leaving’ expert claims

Strictly: Tyler West leaves show after dance off

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Molly Rainford found herself in the dance off over the weekend alongside partner Carlos Gu, but their jive sent presenter Tyler West home in week nine of the competition. The CBBC Presenter, 21 may have impressed the judges, but an expert believes she only made it through “by the skin of her teeth”.

A body language expert has revealed despite “electrifying performances” and good scores from the judges, Molly is in the “danger zone” .

They claimed she could be the next star to leave the Strictly Ballroom next week.

Darren Stanton, a former police officer dubbed the “Human Lie Detector” has revealed his thoughts on the remaining contestants following Tyler West’s emotional departure from the show. 

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo about the presenter, Darren explained: “She is clearly failing to connect with the public.”

He predicts Molly is “very much in the danger zone of being in the bottom two again or leaving the competition”.

While her scores may have kept her and Carlos securely in the top half of the leaderboard, amassing an impressive 35 points in Blackpool, it may not be enough to keep the young presenter in the competition.

Despite her impressive dancing and positive feedback from judges, Darren believes she is failing to win over viewers watching at home. 

He added: “I feel there are other competitors that seem to want it a little bit more and are fully committed to the process.”

With no couples getting a score below 30 this week, the stakes are higher than ever, meaning Molly may need more than just a high score to remain competing. 

When speaking about Tyler’s departure, Darren explained: “Although Tyler was very committed and clearly loved the process, he was on my list of potentials to go this week.

“As the standard of his performances wasn’t the same as the others.”

He added: “I just didn’t see that deep reciprocal connection and synchronicity that I saw in the other competitors.”

When speaking about actor Will Mellor’s performance in the series, Darren said: “He seems to have really captured the hearts of the nation and has shown his true emotional side, rather than just the superficial humour that he is famous for. 

“He’s also not afraid to show tears and real emotion, which has worked in his favour and made a difference in the public’s perception of him.”

If Molly is to remain a fighting contender, she may need to shift her focus to those voting at home rather than the panel of judges.

Strictly Come Dancing continues Saturday on BBC One at 7:15pm.

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