Money Heist writer adresses La Casa de Papel spin-off after season 5: ‘Can’t rule out’

Money Heist writer adresses La Casa de Papel spin-off after season 5: ‘Can’t rule out’

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The popular Spanish series will come to an end this year with a fifth and final season on Netflix. However, long-running Money Heist writer Javier Gómez Santander has suggested the streaming site’s biggest international hit could eventually continue with a new spin-off.

TV screenwriter Javier Gómez Santander has teased Money Heist’s fifth and final season won’t be the last fans see of La Casa De Papel.

Originally broadcast on Spanish network Antena 3, the crime thriller became a smash hit when it was picked up by Netflix for international audiences.

Sadly, the series is set to come to an end with an extended fifth season, expected to hit screens by the end of this summer.

However, while the upcoming episodes will bring the Professor’s (played by Álvaro Morte) second heist to a resounding conclusion, the series features a vast roster of characters who could lead their own series.

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Speaking to Spanish outlet Jotdown, Javier Gómez Santander confirmed there were no set plans, but indicated he could see himself eventually return to the world of Money Heist.

Firstly, he explained: “I think the series is going to end very well, this fifth season is very good. I’m not considering a spin-off.

“But you can’t rule it out either, that’s the reality. What if we have a good idea? But for that you have to have a good idea and you have to spend time on it.”

Fans’ reactions to the latest instalment were certainly mixed, especially following the devastating passing of series favourite Nairobi (Alba Flores).

Thankfully, production on the next season is making good headway in Madrid, and an additional two episodes this time round is hoped to help the series reach a satisfying conclusion.

Still, series creator Álex Pina has struck up a good relationship with Netflix following the release of their co-production White Lines, and could eventually be asked back to expand on his breakout crime series.

Meanwhile, Santander admitted he’s not keen to start work on a follow-up series right away, after working hard on Money Heist’s highly anticipated fifth season.

He said: “I’m tired now, it’s a series that squeezes you out a lot.”

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“The prospect of it ending is very good for me mentally. If I have to start thinking that a spin-off will come later, I’d say ‘you do it.’ But I can’t tell you for sure.”

Packed with hot-headed characters, explosive action sequences and enough plot twists to make your head spin, committing to writing a whole season of Money Heist is no simple task.

Apart from the fourth season, Santander has co-writing credits on almost every episode of the series so far.

Even so, after taking a break for a few years, the show’s creative team could be persuaded back for a spin-off; if the story is good enough, that is.

Santander continued: “Maybe in two years I feel like it, because it is true that I have a great love for the series. And it has also taught us not to be blunt, because we already buried it once.

“But we have not set our compass to keep things going. If in a while we want to do it because we have an idea, fine. But for now, no.”

Thankfully, the cast and creators of Money Heist have already become TV royalty in Spain so, even if the series doesn’t continue, fans can expect great things from the team in the coming years.

Money Heist Season 4 is available on Netflix.

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