NCIS LA season 13 theory: Callen death confirmed as Katya deep fake issues haunting clue

NCIS LA season 13 theory: Callen death confirmed as Katya deep fake issues haunting clue

The stakes are high in NCIS: Los Angles "Down the Rabbit Hole"

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Callen (played by Chris O’Donnell) has been hot on the tail of Katya Miranova (Sasha Clements) throughout NCIS LA season 13 as she continues to try and bring down her old enemy and Anna (Bar Paly). CBS viewers have witnessed the wicked and high-tech ways in which Katya’s got one over on Callen, particularly through her use of deep fakes, and in episode 21, it looks like the long-serving agent has finally fallen into her trap.

CBS has released a number of NCIS LA sneak peeks from the episode, with one opening with a rather panicked Callen and Sam.

“You didn’t call me just now?” a worried Callen says to Sam over the phone after receiving a distressing call from his colleague.

After Sam confirms he hasn’t, Callen puts two and two together and tells him: “I just got a deep fake call from you and Fatima.”

“Both of us? Well, that’s gotta be Katya,” Sam replies to which Callen drops the ominous warning: “Whatever she’s been planning, it’s starting.”

“She’s gonna build deep fakes on all of us. Kilbride, Anna, Set-Nav, anybody,” Sam remarks, clearly worried about Katya’s capabilities.

However, Callen did have one positive for his colleague: “Good news is she doesn’t know our verbal codes, I said, ‘Sam Hanna, greatest partner in the world.’”

“She didn’t know the reply?” Sam answers, to which Callen confirms: “No, who’d have thought you saying you loved me would save my life?”

“I’ll talk to Fatima,” Sam weighs in. “Tell her to put our comms on an encrypted loop. We gotta know we’re not talking to deep fakes.”

Callen continues: “It gets worse, she tried to lure me to our stakeout we’ve been having for Marshall Davis.”

“She knows about our case? That’s scary. We were running that stakeout for a long time, that means she was running surveillance on us,” Sam says although Callen suggests they go along with the wicked Katya’s plan: “I think we follow her lead.”

However, Callen will undoubtedly wish he had opted against this as another sneak peek shows him being brutally assaulted at the stakeout.

After Fatima, Sam and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) arrives at the stakeout once Callen’s comms have gone offline, they watch CCTV footage of Katya and her henchmen beating Callen to a pulp.

What follows is them kidnapping Callen and holding him hostage in a freight container – and present him with arguably the most haunting warning yet death may be on the cards.

As Callen slowly regains his composure after being brutally beaten by Katya and her men, a deep fake appears on a screen left in the corner.

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The deep fake Callen says to the real-life agent: “Wow, not looking so good bud, rough morning?”

“Katya,” an exasperated Callen says to himself before the deep fake issues a harrowing warning.

It says to Callen: “We’ve got a great show for you today. Have you ever seen This Is Your Life? Really moving… 

“Well, this is like that but I call this one This Is the End of Your Life.”

The final sneak peek released shows Katya confronting Callen in the container.

She lands a number of punches on the agent after accusing him of lying to her about Pembroke.

Callen tells Katya that hitting him won’t do anything as the pair had been trained to endure pain.

But as Callen tries to empathise with Katya, she drops another spine-tingling warning: “Let’s see how much we are the same.”

Will Katya go too far in inflicting pain on Callen and end up killing him? Or is murdering the agent what she’s been planning all along?

NCIS: Los Angeles season 13 airs Sundays on CBS in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be revealed.

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