Netflix Releases The Circle Season 3 Trailer

Netflix Releases The Circle Season 3 Trailer

Netflix released a trailer for “The Circle” Season 3, which premieres Sept. 8.

The four-week reality competition series will begin with eight new players as they compete to become a top social media influencer and win $100,000. Over the course of the season, as original players are eliminated from the titular circle, a few new ones will enter. Some, such as Calvin, who you meet in the trailer, are playing as themselves, but others are catfish.

The trailer, which you can watch below, also previews a couple of the big twists of this season. First, Ava secretly brings her sister, Chanel, into the game with her — with the two playing as one. Additionally, players begin to become wary of Michelle, a competitor who has two accounts; her peers do not know which one is her and which one is a catfish posing as her.

The reality competition features these individuals living and competing in isolated pods, interacting with each other only through a specially-constructed social media app dubbed “The Circle,” which allows them private messages, a public news feed and occasional icebreaker games that create drama among one another. They rank each other at designated times in the competition, with the highest ranked players becoming “influencers” and getting tasked with blocking aka eliminating a fellow player.

“The Circle” is produced by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group. Executive producers are Stephen Lambert and Tim Harcourt for Studio Lambert, Richard Foster and Chet Fenster for Motion Content Group, Lauren Hicks, Charlotte Smith and Sarah Fay. Michelle Buteau hosts.

Netflix previously announced that “The Circle” has already been renewed for Seasons 4 and 5 ahead of the third season.

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