Piers Morgan slams Ant and Dec for showing him ‘disrespect’ with Saturday Night Takeaway sketch – The Sun

Piers Morgan slams Ant and Dec for showing him ‘disrespect’ with Saturday Night Takeaway sketch – The Sun

PIERS Morgan has hit out at Ant and Dec after they “disrespected him” on Saturday Night Takeaway.

During one of the sketches on the show, the duo branded Piers “unlikeable” and he wasn’t impressed.

In the clip, which was the second part of the Men In Brown series, Ant and Dec were searching for a mystery host.

To help them, Ant was told: "I actually saw the host at the National Television Awards."

He replied: "Really? So it's a popular television personality… that rules out Piers Morgan."

Another clue he got was: "It's someone that doesn't suffer irritating fools gladly."

Ant retorted: "Hmm, that also rules out Susanna Reid."

Watching the clip back on Good Morning Britain today, Piers exclaimed: "The disrespect… we're one big happy ITV family aren't we?"

Susanna replied: "We love and respect each other.”

Scoffing, Piers told her: "We do, we do honestly, if you believe that you'll believe anything."

Elsewhere in today's episode, the 54-year-old invited Good Morning Britain viewers to approach him in a pub and "tickle" his privates in a bizarre rant this morning.

He was was debating the moment during England's Six Nations rugby clash with Wales on Saturday when Joe Marler grabbed rival Alun Wyn Jones' crotch.

Defending Marler, Piers seethed: "The world is now in two halves, you either can look at the Joe Marler thing and have a laugh, which most normal people do, or you can…."

He then mocked his co-host Susanna Reid, who said that she didn't think the behaviour was okay, before insisting that she and Charlotte Hawkins don't know anything about rugby.

Piers continued: "What do you think they do in the scrums for 50 years in rugby? You know nothing about rugby.

"They do stuff like this to each other all the whole time, the whole point of being a rugby player is this is what they do to each other.

"None of you know what you are talking about because none of you know what rugby is."

Charlotte then asked Piers how he'd react if the same thing happened to him, enquiring: "Would you mind if a man came up and did that to you then?"

Piers shrugged off the question, insisting: "Oh, who cares! Some bloke said to me: 'How would you like it if I came up to you in your local pub and did that to you?'

"Mate, by all means try."

He continued: "If you want to come up to me in my local pub and tickle me where the sun don't shine, try your luck.

"I can't guarantee my reaction, but by all means have a go."

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