Prince Andrews life being made into satirical musical by C4: We shy away from nothing

Prince Andrews life being made into satirical musical by C4: We shy away from nothing

Prince Andrew's life is set to be turned into a show on Channel 4 which will air later this year and it's thought it will feature his infamous and "disastrous" Newsnight interview, as well as his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

During the interview which aired in 2019, the Duke of York was asked questions about Virginia Giuffre, following allegations of sexual misconduct, which he has always denied.

In the show, which will be a musical, songs such as My Profiterole will touch on that topic as well as his relationship with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. The title is a reference to the 1986 engagement interview in which Sarah told of how their romance blossomed over a cream cake.

In the interview Andrew said: "We were made to sit next door to each other at lunch at Ascot," and Sarah interjects laughing: "He made me eat chocolate profiteroles which I did not want to eat at all, I was meant to be on a diet."

Andrew, 62, who was given the nickname Air Miles Andy for the expense claims he racked up while promoting UK business abroad, will be played by comedian Kieran Hodgson.

Royal commentator Robert Jobson said of Prince Andrew: The Musical: “It will pile more embarrassment on Andrew. His public life is already over. This almost feels like kicking a dog when it’s down.”

And Channel 4's Cimran Shah promises: “We shy away from nothing.”

The royals are used to being portrayed on screen thanks to Netflix series The Crown, with a fifth season due out later this year and set to cover the Royal Family in the 1990s – one of their most turbulent times in recent history.

Whilst there's been no comment from Prince Andrew on the series, Prince Charles once spoke out about how he was “nothing like how they portray” him in The Crown, according to one politician.

The royal’s life features through the Netflix drama, from his childhood through to his adulthood with the latest season showing Charles, played by Josh O’Connor, marrying Princess Diana and covering the later breakdown of their marriage.

The leader of the Scottish Labour party, Anas Sarwar, claimed that Charles made a quip about his character in the show at an event held before the opening of Scottish Parliament last year.

Speaking at an event at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the politician recalled the alleged incident, saying: “There was a group of MSPs all standing and he came over and went: 'Hello, nice to meet you all' and he went, 'I'm nowhere near how they portray me on Netflix'.”


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