RHOA's LaToya Ali claims Drew Sidora 'CHEATED' on her husband Ralph with her

RHOA's LaToya Ali claims Drew Sidora 'CHEATED' on her husband Ralph with her

RHOA LaToya Ali made the sizzling claim she had "something going on" with Drew Sidora as she suggested her frenemy co-star had cheated on her husband.

LaToya is currently thrashing out a divorce settlement with former spouse Adam Ali and appeared eager to meddle in Drew's marital status with the explosive comment.

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Speaking to Andy Cohen on a Real Housewives Of Atlanta season 13 preview, LaToya was initially discussing how she had seen Kenya Moore partially naked.

It came as the Watch What Happens Live anchor probed into wild gossip Kenya had a "crush" on LaToya, after she previously sent her a naked selfie.

Actress Drew, who married husband Ralph Pittman in 2014 yet has spoken about infidelity concerns, couldn't resist getting involved as she insisted she felt the "connection and energy" between the pair.

She then bluntly stated "something was going on" between Kenya and LaToya, with whom she had locked horns all season.

But by spilling the tea she got herself into some hot water as LaToya fired: "But we also had something going on as well Drew!"

This prompted Drew to hit back: "Excuse me?" as LaToya clarified: "I said you cheated on your husband with me."

Then came a hugely awkward pause where LaToya, at the centre of attention, looked completely smug.

Drew repeated her co-star's allegations as she tried to process them, before simply exclaiming: "What?"

It remains to be seen whether the sensational claims are true, but the pair's relationship has been fractious throughout RHOA's last season.

The explosive finale saw LaToya throw a wig at Drew before security were forced to intervene at their Christmas bash.

The feisty females had been feuding for most of the season and finally came face-to-face during the finale.

As the housewives got together to celebrate a White Elephant Christmas, Drew decided to bring in a recording of Prophet Lott admitting that he liked LaToya, who was in the midst of a divorce.

Drew had previously claimed LaToya and the Prophet were having an affair despite the two being engaged and/or married.

After playing the recording, Drew told the housewives: "The truth will go forth, LaToya has issues and things going on and we have a lot of drama that she's brought to my life. Like something is wrong with you."

Drew continued to yell at LaToya: "You weren't looking for God, you were looking for some d**k. You were looking for some Prophet d**k."

LaToya then brought up an old situation between Drew and her husband Ralph, screaming: "And your man looking for some new p***y because yours is dried up! I'm getting a divorce. You're off on f**king BOLO."

Fans will remember that in the beginning, Drew had confessed her husband had left for three days without even telling her where he was going.

Drew also admitted to twerking on BOLO, the stripper, during Cynthia Bailey's bachelorette party, before he flipped her on a table and simulated sexual acts on her.

Things suddenly became intense when the two housewives stood up and came face-to-face, with Drew yelling at LaToya that she was "preying on the prophet".

The Canadian beauty tried to hit Drew where it hurt and said: "That's why [Ralph] in Florida, bagging b**ches that look like me."

On her way out, LaToya playfully threw Drew's gift, which was a wig, at her causing the singer to get up and lunge at her.

She was immediately held back by a producer and a security guard quickly tackled Drew down.

The mom of three told cameras: "You will not put hands on me and you will not throw things at me. She's an animal and she needs to be tamed."



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