Rob Lowe Is Unstable, Occasionally Nude in Father-Son Netflix Comedy

Rob Lowe Is Unstable, Occasionally Nude in Father-Son Netflix Comedy

The first thing you need to know about Rob Lowe‘s new comedy Unstable, now streaming on Netflix, is that he plays a character named Ellis Dragon. That’s right — first name Ellis, last name Dragon.

Created by Lowe, his son John Owen Lowe and Victor Fresco, Unstable centers around a beautiful narcissist — the insanely named Ellis Dragon — whose bio-tech company begin to suffer as he spirals (downward, of course) following the tragic passing of his wife.

So, how is Ellis coping with the loss of his beloved Katie? Like any great mind, he’s immersing himself in sad dog rescue videos, obsessing over the spoons in his office kitchen and occasionally just being nude at work. “Could you excuse me? I’d like to be naked again and feel the cold air on my forlorn genitalia,” Ellis tells his CFO Anna in the first episode.

Speaking of that insanely put-upon CFO, Anna (played by Sian Clifford) believes the only way to pull Ellis back from the brink is to enlist his son as an emotional anchor. The catch? Ellis couldn’t be more different from Jackson (John Owen), who abandoned his bio-engineering plans to become a professional flutist. Or is it flautist? Honestly, Ellis never bothered to learn.

Jackson’s arrival also triggers an obvious will they/won’t they between Ellis’ son and Ruby (Emma Ferreira), one of the company’s brightest minds, something co-worker Luna (Rachel Marsh) is quick to point out.

Ellis and Jackson eventually find common ground via a brief heart-to-heart about Katie’s passing, followed by a sick flute performance of Men at Work’s “Down Under” that would make Lizzo retire on the spot.

Other complications arise before the end of the first episode, including that the therapist sent by the company to evaluate Ellis has apparently been locked in Ellis’ basement for days, after threatening to write a less-than-glowing review of his mental state to the board. (You know, because kidnapping his therapist will only make him look more stable.)

Though it’s mostly set-up, this first episode of Unstable gives you a pretty good idea of what you’re in for. Whether you decide to watch all eight episodes will depend entirely on how much you appreciate Lowe and his son’s on-screen chemistry.

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