Rust Script Supervisor Sues Alec Baldwin and Film Producers

Rust Script Supervisor Sues Alec Baldwin and Film Producers

The script supervisor on “Rust” filed a lawsuit against star Alec Baldwin and the film’s producers on Wednesday, saying she suffered both “physical and emotional” injuries when Baldwin shot the film’s cinematographer while preparing for a scene.

Mamie Mitchell filed the suit in the Los Angeles Superior Court and is represented by attorney Gloria Allred. In the complaint, she says she was standing just four feet from Baldwin when the gun went off.

“Plaintiff was terrified and feared for her life,” the suit states. “The gunshot caused Plaintiff to experience pain in her ears and head and, shortly thereafter, Plaintiff began to hear loud ringing in her ears. Soon after, Plaintiff witnessed the horror of what had occurred.”

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed by the gunshot, and the director, Joel Souza, was wounded in the shoulder.

The suit alleges that Baldwin should have checked the gun to make sure it was unloaded and also accuses the producers of cost-cutting measures that led to the incident. Mitchell was the first to call 911 after the incident on Oct. 21.

“I’ll never forget what happened on the set of ‘Rust’ that day,” Mitchell said at a press conference at Allred’s office. “This violent tragedy has taken away the joy of my life… I never want what happened on our set to ever happen to anyone else.”

The suit is the second to be filed in the “Rust” tragedy. Serge Svetnoy, the film’s gaffer, filed a separate claim last week, stating that he, too, was in close proximity to Baldwin when the shot was fired and also suffered physical and emotional harm.

Mitchell’s suit states claims of assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress and deliberate infliction of harm. In addition to Baldwin and the film’s producers, the suit also names several crew members as defendants, including armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed and first assistant director Dave Halls.

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