Sam Matterface receives Ofcom complaints for ITV commentary on Euros Unprofessional

Sam Matterface receives Ofcom complaints for ITV commentary on Euros Unprofessional

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The sports broadcaster, 43, told ITV viewers watching the England v Denmark Euro 2020 semifinals game to call in sick for work and do whatever they wanted in celebration. It’s not been reported 68 Ofcom complaints were received as a result, with fans saying the comments were “ridiculous” and “unprofessional”.

The ITV sports commentator was covering the match which secured England a place in the finals after the team beat Denmark 2-1.

Clearly getting excited at the prospect of England making it to the final, Sam told viewers not to send their children to bed and to skip work.

He commented: “I tell you what, if this comes off, you can do what you want tonight.

“You’ve had a terrible 16 months. Kids you can stay up, don’t you dare go to bed. The rest of you call your boss, you ain’t coming in in the morning.

“You deserve this, England deserves this. Feel it, ride it. All that pent-up emotion which is 50 seconds away.”

He continued: “Just try to be safe and follow the rules, or I’m going to be in one hell of a lot of trouble.”

The commentary was intended to be taken lightly and demonstrated Sam’s elation at England’s win, but some viewers didn’t think the speech was suitable, especially with the pandemic still ongoing.

This led some to contact regulator Ofcom to report Sam for instructing people to do whatever they want.

One took to Twitter to say: “I like Sam Matterface on the radio but he talked far too much on Wednesday night. Far too many scripted comments.”

Another commented: “Just a word on how utterly awful Sam Matterface was last night. He was bad enough during the match with his child-like level of football understanding, but his ramble after the match was all-time cringe. ‘Call your boss, tell them you won’t be in, tell them you deserve it’.”

“Such vacuous commentary. At the end Sam Matterface said ‘Call your boss and say you’re not coming in tomorrow’. Seriously? Aside from how ridiculous that is, many people don’t have jobs at the moment Sam, because there’s a global pandemic,” a third penned.

A fourth asked: “Just for the record will that hold up in a disciplinary?”

One more said “@sammatterface Do you have any more imbecilic comments saved up for Sunday? Also, you do realise that you broadcast to countries out with Englandshire?”

“Does Sam Matterface think that no other nation has suffered from COVID? ‘After the tough 16 months we’ve had, England deserves this’,” another pointed out.

Someone else said: “In 40 odd years of watching football, that was the worst commentary I have ever heard. Absolutely terrible. ITV should be ashamed.”

One wrote: “@paulbreenturner Wish you had commentated tonight mate – Sam Matterface was embarrassing and let himself down – very poor comments saying kids you don’t have to go to school in the morning now.”

The match against Denmark took place on Wednesday ahead of the final against Italy on Sunday.

Getting to the finals was the furthest the English men’s team had got since 1966 when the team went on to win the World Cup.

During Sunday’s highly-anticipated game, Italy was crowned the winners of Euro 2020 after beating England on penalties.

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