SAS Who Dares Wins bosses hit contestants with extraordinary list of demands for next series – and ban over 44s

SAS Who Dares Wins bosses hit contestants with extraordinary list of demands for next series – and ban over 44s

SAS: Who Dares Wins bosses are hitting potential contestants with an extraordinary list of demands for the new series – with over 44s banned!

And forget it if you’re under 5ft 1in and weigh less than eight stones as your application won’t even be considered.

The new civilian series is due to start filming in September, but the application forms are available to fill in now on the Channel 4 website.

But any special forces wannabes be warned, as the form includes a number of bizarre, and sometimes intrusive, questions.

Despite numerous older celebrity contenders, such as Andrea McLean and Anthea Turner, appearing on the show when they were 50 and 60 respectively – the form states “you must be between the ages of 18 and 44 years and 364 days on the 31st October 2021.”

It wants recruits to be in tip-top shape, so you’ll have to be able to do a minimum of 44 press ups in two minutes, 50 sit ups in the same time frame.

You also need to be able to do the“Jerry can test" which consists of carrying two 20kg weights over 120m in two minutes.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 said: "In order to stay true to the SAS selection process, advice is followed from military and medical experts to ensure recruits can safely tackle the SAS: Who Dares Wins selection course.”

While many of the instructors have spoken openly about their own mental health struggles, the show asks: “Have you ever suffered from a mental illness? (including depression/anxiety)."

It also asks: “Are you now taking, or have you in the last 5 years taken, any medications prescribed by a GP?"

Some of the questions, quite rightly, probe your motivation to go on the hit TV series and want more detail about physical fitness and “do you have any prior experience of hostile environments and/or survival techniques?”

Others examine your personality and life experiences, for example, “what is the most stressful situation you have ever been in?” and “what is your biggest regret in life?"

Strangely, it even asks about your childhood and “how would your teachers describe you?” The show also wants upto five photos of applicants as a child or teenager.

All potentials will have to be available for casting dates in June or July and "attend fitness and psychological assessments as well as a pre-filming interview, in addition to the filming trip, which will be approximately 2 weeks.”

Filming is from 9-26 September “on a fully exclusive basis with no other commitments”.

The form finishes off with potential newbies having to upload a two-minute video of themselves, with an introduction, then detail “how would your closest friends/family describe you?

"Tell us something unexpected about yourself? What’s your motivation to take part in this series and why?"

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