Screaming Holly Willoughby can’t handle pain during live This Morning piercing

Screaming Holly Willoughby can’t handle pain during live This Morning piercing

Brave Holly Willoughby started screaming on today's This Morning while getting her ears re-pierced live on air.

Co-star Phillip Schofield started gagging and jokingly rushed off to be sick after watching needles and tubes going into some guests' ears during a segment on the top piercing trends for 2020 – leaving Holly feeling very nervous.

As worried Holly hopped on the bed she explained that she first head her ears pierced aged 12 but she practically has to re-pierce them every time she puts an earring in.

Holly admitted the pain is so bad that she doesn't usually wear earrings, only on a Sunday during Dancing on Ice .

As Samantha Hayler, Head Piercer, Astrid and Miyu, started preparing her ear, Holly was horrified that she could see herself on the screen.

While her ear was being clipped, Holly said: "Oh god you guys are really brave and I feel I’m going to let myself down. Do people pass out?"

A close-up then showed the needle going into Holly's ear as she tried to remain calm.

Squeamish Phil then shouted: "Needle, needle alert. What are you thinking guys. Tell me what you're going to cut to."

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Holly took in a deep breathe then started squeaking as the camera zoomed in on the tube in her ear that surrounds the noodle.

"OK that was a little pinch," confessed Holly. "Yeah that was fine. What's that in my ear? That's not an earring. That was a lot more pressure and hurt a lot more than I thought it was going to be."

Holly admitted it wasn't as bad as expected but started crying out when she realised there was another ear to go.

Giggling Phillip joked: "Keep it quick as we’re on a count here."

Suggesting it was not the best idea to do it quickly, Phil said: "I don't think we I’m not sure thats a brilliant idea. Let's do it in the break. We’ve got a VT."

With Holly confessing she could now "scream in peace", Phil added: "What a bizarre show this can turn into sometimes."

Holly showed off her earrings after the break and admitted it was more painful than she thought.

"They feel a bit hot but it's good. It's better than re-piercing them every Sunday night," claimed Holly.

Phillip added: "I'm so sick of hearing the screams."

This Morning viewers were left in hysterics at Holly's reaction to getting her ears re-pierced.

"I have 7 holes in my ears, not once did I make as much noise as Holly," claimed oner viewer.

Another added: "Holly: “What’s my aftercare with this?”. You’ve had your ears pierced chick, not a hip replacement"

"For the love of God how did Holly Willoughby get through childbirth ," said a third.

A fourth said: "We don’t care about the furniture we wanna see Holly have her other ear pierced."

*This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10am

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