Seven Emmerdale spoilers: shock exit and horrific kidnapping | The Sun

Seven Emmerdale spoilers: shock exit and horrific kidnapping | The Sun

ONE resident is ready for a fresh start away from the chaos in the Dales.

Elsewhere in Emmerdale, another villager spirals out of control and resorts to kidnapping a child.

1. Priya deals with her trauma

Actress Fiona Wade was announced to be leaving the ITV soap in recent weeks after 12 years in the program, and her exit storyline will involve some explosive scenes.

When a veil catches fire from candles at Take A Vow's event, Priya is left helpless and is overwhelmed with fear.

Quick-thinking Leyla Cavanagh (Roxy Shahidi) salvages the situation but it's clear Priya still has unresolved trauma.

Priya suffered from terrible burns in October, 2021, after she was caught in a maze fire.

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The fire was caused by a flare gun which was accidentally fired amid a struggle between Andrea Tate and serial killer Meena Jutla.

Priya had to undergo surgery but the skin grafts threw her back into an eating disorder horror.

Realising how traumatised she is, Priya's brother Jai Sharma gets village GP Manpreet Sharma to help.

However, things take a turn at Take A Vow when a client, Justin, offers Leyla a job with his London team.

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Priya is distraught when she relives her trauma but is comforted by Manpreet and Jai at Holdgate.

2. Shock exit plan revealed

But a resilient Priya doesn't let her mental turmoil take over her life.

The following day, Leyla and Suzy Merton are shocked when she turns up.

As Leyla prepares her son Jacob Gallagher to her decision about the job, Priya bumps into Justin outside the Hop.

She owns what happened the previous day, explaining her past trauma, leaving Justin impressed.

Priya is soon invited to grab a coffee with Justin and, when Leyla decides to accept his job offer over the phone, her face drops as she learns her associate will be taking her place.

Leyla is stunned when Priya reveals she's been offered the job and the pair soon argue with the former accusing the latter of sabotage.

Priya defends herself, telling Leyla she didn't know the job had been offered to her in the first place.

But Leyla isn't the only one to be displeased about Priya moving away.

3. Kidnapping horror in the village

David Metcalfe (portrayed by Matthew Wolfenden) has encountered a series of issues in the Dales.

In upcoming scenes, David realises it CAN get worse when he gets wind of Priya Sharma's plan to move away to London for a new job opportunity.

The wedding planner portrayed by departing actress Fiona Wade won't be leaving the eponymous village alone and David finds out she's taking their daughter Amba with her.

Determined to take control and clearly at the end of his rope, David kidnaps the child.

His son Jacob Gallagher and his father Eric Pollard are left to pick up the pieces and try to convince Priya not to call the police.

Leyla later learns David disappeared with both Amba and Theo and goes on a mission to help Priya.

She finds David in an unknown cottage but he immediately gets defensive when he sees her at the door.

Leyla accuses him of running away from his issues but David stays in denial.

Things go from bad to worse for Leyla when she's thrown in the bathroom and locked in by David, who is past the point of no return.

Meanwhile, in the village, Priya grows increasingly fearful for her children and makes a call to the police.

What comeuppance will David get?

4. Cathy asks for help

Before her friend Amelia Spencer gave birth to a daughter, Cathy Hope was only a discreet and lingering presence in the eponymous village.

But less than two years after her involvement in April Windsor's bullying storyline, the teen portrayed by Gabrielle Dowling is set for a plot of her own in upcoming scenes.

Emmerdale boss Jane Hudson teased a never-before-seen story for the youngster.

It all begins in Café Main Street when Bernice Blackstock (played by Samantha Giles) tries to help Cathy with her revision.

Things quickly turn sour and Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) is furious when Bernice leaves the café, upset and offended by Cathy's hurtful comments about menopause.

Bernice has struggled to come to terms with the menopause after she mistakenly believed she could have dementia.

Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) is at the end of his rope when he confronts Cathy and her brother Heath (Sebastian Dowling) soon gets involved.

Cathy sees red and violently smashes her younger brother's guitar on the floor before heading off confused and embarrassed.

The following day, Bob and Brenda are shocked by a phone call from Cathy's school explaining the youngster ran out of her mock exam.

Bernice later clocks Cathy hurrying towards Connelton View and feels torn – should she tell Bob?

She can feel there is more to Cathy's situation and heads over to meet her.

While there, she catches Cathy washing her skirt in the sink.

The teen realises she can't keep her secret to herself and opens up to Bernice.

It's revealed Cathy is overwhelmed and ashamed of her heavy periods, explaining this to be the reason why she rushed out of her mock exam.

Bernice offers her support and Cathy is relieved and grateful.

She then promises to talk with village GP Manpreet Sharma about ways to help manage her symptoms.

Awash with shame, Cathy wishes she could talk to her father Bob about how she's feeling but, instead, lies to him to get him off her case.

The following day, Cathy is honest with Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) about her condition and the GP writes her a prescription for the pill.

Bob later informs her that she can re-sit her mock exam and things appear to finally come into place as Cathy puts an end to her nightmare with her first pill.

5. Mary goes on a date

After opening up about her sexuality, Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) is ready to find love in the village – but her attempts have been vain.

Coming up in the Yorkshire-based drama, Mary is determined to power through at the Woolpack, even though her date's appearance isn't what she expected.

All her hopes are dashed when her date, Joy, is less of a match than Mary thought she was.

However, she refuses to give up and even plans another date.

Sadly for her, things don't go well when that new date is a no-show.

Mary finds comfort in the form of Kim Tate (Claire King), with whom she discusses her current dating experience.

The self-assured businesswoman advises channelling confidence but will it help Mary?


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6. Cain and Caleb's feud continues

Since his first arrival in the village, Caleb Milligan (Will Ash) has been trying to find his mark and reconnect with his long-lost family.

In recent scenes, he even flew to his half-brother Cain Dingle's rescue by helping him getting released from prison.

But the tough man played by Jeff Hordley has no interest in bonding with Caleb and even threatened to kill him if he didn't leave Emmerdale.

Yet Cain will have to do more than issue chilling threats to get rid of his sibling.

This week, Caleb is clearly unperturbed by Cain’s intimidation tactics, and makes it very clear he’s going nowhere.

Will they ever get along?

7. Gabby has new hope

In recent months, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) has been unlucky in matters of the heart.

She's recently felt an attraction towards Home Farm's male nanny Nicky and made a move on him – only to be rejected.

However, in scenes due on our screens this week, Gabby is thrilled to know the attraction is mutual between her and Nicky.

But he still refuses to cross that line.

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