Spoilers: Who dies in Emmerdale? Flash forward reveals who is in clear

Spoilers: Who dies in Emmerdale? Flash forward reveals who is in clear

The opening of tonight’s Emmerdale – the beginning of a special week for the soap – featured a moody montage of dramatic events, setting up several mysteries that will be solved as the week goes on.

Who is lurking in the woods around Home Farm with a shotgun? And who gets shot as we see a hand desperately clutching at a tree? Who gets banged up in a prison cell? And whose car is involved in a terrible crash?

As the episode unfolded we got at least a partial answer to some of these questions and we can at least say whose car it wasn’t.

As Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) and Al Chapman (Michael Wildman)’s feud continues to simmer, Al accused Cain of tampering with his car. After Cain had repaired it, Al heard a sound under the bonnet and found a cable tie around the drive shaft. Cain denied all knowledge of how the foreign object came to be in the car, but a suspicious Al insisted that Cain drove it to demonstrate it hadn’t been tampered with further.

Cain used the opportunity to put his foot down and drive the car at high speed straight at Al, who stood his ground in the middle of the road. Cain slammed the brake on just feet away from his rival.

But the car shown in the flash-forward wasn’t Al’s car at all. As he arrived at Cain’s garage, we saw Cain working on another car, and it was this one that was seen in the opening sequence. The registration plate was very clearly shown.

But whose car is it? And who’s going to be behind the wheel when the catastrophic crash occurs?

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