Stacey Solomon reveals the most heart-breaking moments from home makeover show Sort Your Life Out

Stacey Solomon reveals the most heart-breaking moments from home makeover show Sort Your Life Out

SORT Your Life Out makes its way to the BBC next Thursday at 8pm, when fans will get a much-needed dose of the bubbly Stacey Solomon.

As viewers wait excitedly for the brand new home revamp series, the Sun’s TV Mag caught up with the organising enthusiast about the moments that tugged on her heartstrings the most. 

Despite being a neat-freak, the 32-year-old confesses she wasn’t totally shocked by anything she witnessed while filming Sort Your Life Out. 

However, it did leave her saddened to see what some of the families had faced over the years. 

When asked about the more extreme cases, the mum-of-four was quick to mention one lady who’d suffered a terrible back accident, 

The Celeb Gogglebox fan-fave explained: “She wasn't as able as she had been her whole life and really struggled to sort of reach up and bend down. Her independence was completely stripped by the house”. 

Another case that stuck in Stacey’s mind was an older couple the Sun looked at in an exclusive sneak-peek at the upcoming BBC programme this week.

About the Bradshaws, she said: “When you've had 60 years in a home, it's just totally different. They said, ‘you know, our kids are grown up, but we don't know how to sort of let go of that period of time”.  

Beyond those moments, Stacey said the most touching part of filming was “reveal day”, when she and her dream team of tidying experts would show the families around their freshly spruced-up pads. 

“That whole emotion is flipped over, because you watch people go from being really apprehensive outside the house, and even I get really apprehensive because I just think it is a big deal”, the mum-of-four admitted. 

Talking about that 'ah-ha' moment when people would realise everything they love is there, but now with its own place and more accessible, she revealed: “That is the best feeling. And that's probably the most emotional day”.

Not one for goodbyes, Stacey added that another equally tough day was the crew leaving the families to get on with the rest of their lives:

“It’s really sad because you get to know people. A week doesn't sound like a long time, but it's so intense. You end it and you’re like, ‘oh”.

You can read the full interview with Stacey in TV Mag, available only with The Sun every Saturday

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