Steeltown Murders star intimidated by Philip Glenister

Steeltown Murders star intimidated by Philip Glenister

Steeltown Murders official trailer airing on BBC

The BBC drama is set in Port Talbot, South Wales, and explores the devastating impact of three unsolved murders on a close-knit community over a thirty-year period.

As the drama unfolds, viewers follow two vividly different timelines between 1973 when the murders occur and a sobered-up 2002 when DNA yields the possibility that the killer might finally be brought to justice.

Due to the two different timelines, the two main characters are seen as a present version and a younger version.

Paul Glenister stars as the current DCI Paul Bethell in 2002, whilst Holby City star Scott Arthur portrays the younger version of DCI Paul Bethell in 1973.

Scott recently opened up on how it felt to know that there was another person playing his older self and admitted that meeting Philip for the first time was “intimidating”.

He explained: “Phil is lovely, we met the night before the first day. Actually, I was very intimidated because I think Phil is a wonderful actor.

“Phil and I have shared information and helped each other. It was quite nice actually because when we were filming, he said good luck to me on my first day, and then on his first day I said good luck to him and that I am passing the baton over to you.

“There’s something quite nice about two actors playing the same part, it doesn’t happen often.”

When discussing his character, Scott described: “Paul isn’t where he would be, he is a DC in South Wales in the Port Talbot rank. He kind of feels a responsibility with this case anyway, he should be at the forefront of it.

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“Unfortunately, he gets put on the taping – going to a car or someone’s home, getting Sellotape, sticking it against a sofa or a car seat and taking the fibres off, and then recording them. But he wants to be at the frontline.

“He feels as if he was allowed at the front of this investigation alongside the top rank officers that he could help, that he could really make this case one that could be solved tomorrow because the difference between my Paul and Phil Glenister’s Paul is that there is a lot of energy and hope from my Paul.”

Viewers of the show were left amazed by the BBC series and took to their Twitter accounts to praise the actors and writing.

@DonaldCorleone_ praised: “Spent the afternoon watching #steeltownmurders. Gripping. Excellent.”

@Taffy_lulu commented: “#SteeltownMurders on @BBCiPlayer is just so good. I’m not a big fan of crime series but I loved this one for the way it dealt sensitively with the impact of the crime on the families, community and police.”

Rachel Kelsall said: “What a cracking series, wish it were longer #SteeltownMurders @BBCiPlayer.”

@coaldragon added: “Finished the excellent #steeltownmurders. Being from the area and there when the murders happened makes it even more poignant.”

@NorthEastLass1 penned: “Just finished watching the #steeltownmurders on #bbc brilliantly portrayed.”

Kathryn Metcalfe wrote: “This was really really good. Well acted, written and directed. If this doesn’t win awards I’ll be really surprised, and annoyed! #Steeltownmurders.”

Steeltown Murders airs Monday from 9pm on BBC One.

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