Teen Mom Amber Portwood ripped for 'making excuses' & 'blaming everyone' for lack of relationship with daughter Leah, 13

Teen Mom Amber Portwood ripped for 'making excuses' & 'blaming everyone' for lack of relationship with daughter Leah, 13

TEEN Mom OG star Amber Portwood was ripped for "making excuses" and "blaming everyone" for her lack of relationship with daughter Leah, 13.

The 31-year-old continued to struggle over the strained relationship during Tuesday's episode of the MTV show.

During the latest episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber was visited by ex Gary Shirley to discuss attending therapy together.

After Gary said he's ready to move on from her past drama with Amber, he added that he would attend counseling with her.

He said: “I figure if I can at least do my part, which is understanding what you’re going through as far as your mental state of mind.”

Amber explained she has many "mental illnesses," though “tries her best to even get off this couch and do school.”

She added that’s “trying to have a relationship with Leah and it’s hard."

Amber continued: "I’ve accepted it.

"But what I haven’t been able to accept that my medication- no matter what and no matter how much I take of it- will never fully keep me like you.”


Despite Amber's active efforts to get help through therapy, Teen Mom OG fans rushed to Twitter to not taking blame in her fragile relationship with Leah.

One fan wrote: "Man I’m so tired of amber and her excuses."

Another viewer called out Amber for being "lazy," as a third chimed in: "Amber blames everyone but herself. The medication, Gary, Kristina, Leah, the cute little sister, the garden…"

An additional MTV fan commented: "Amber hasn’t changed since the first day we met her."

The backlash continued as another person wrote: "I really feel like Amber takes advantage of Gary. because she knows he’s NEVER going to give up on her because of Leah. and it’s not fair. those type of people will literally suck the life out of you."

Amber's strained relationship with Leah has been heavily documented during recent seasons of Teen Mom OG.


Earlier this month, fans witnessed an awkward family dinner when Amber arrived at the house of Gary, his wife Kristina, her daughter Emilee and Leah.

As soon as Amber walked in, she tried to break the silence and waved at Leah from a distance, saying: "Hello."

The star attempted to chat up with Kristina: "It's so odd because there's no one in my house. Like living alone for 16 months has been amazing. I've been really figuring things out…it feels peaceful, I think."

After Leah grabbed a DVD from Emiliee's hands, Amber said: "What's that?"

Leah said: "A movie."

After Amber asked what the movie was about, Leah paused and responded: "Stuff…"

Following a moment of silence, Amber told the others: "I'm so sorry, guys, I am like so tired," before making her way out of their home.

While in the car alone, Amber vented: "I don't know what the point of this was…driving 40 something minutes, so that's cool."

The reality star previously admitted that her daughter has refused to accept her apology for all of her past mistakes.

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