Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed for insisting she's not missing her bottom teeth as fans uncover old photos

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slammed for insisting she's not missing her bottom teeth as fans uncover old photos

TEEN Mom star Jenelle Evans was slammed for insisting that she does not have her bottom teeth missing as fans uncovered her old photos.

Jenelle, 29, shared a video of her bottom teeth over on TikTok. 

In the deleted video, the Teen Mom 2 alum pointed out where her teeth were in the X-Ray.

Jenelle said: "For those of you wondering if I have real bottom teeth…Yes I have real bottom teeth! But that is capped!"

The deleted video resurfaced over on Reddit, where users also uncovered the reality star's alleged old photos. 

The snapshots reportedly showed Jenelle missing her bottom teeth.


Though the MTV star has not commented on these online snaps, Reddit users are convinced that these allegedly old photos are indeed the real thing. 

One Reddit user wrote: "I can’t even imagine how she chews food with her bottom molars missing."

Another Reddit user said: "Something is missing. Some people swear that she’s removing a retainer, but her lower lip and mouth sinks in once it’s been removed."

A third person stated: "It’s beyond obvious she is missing teeth and her lies about it are stupid and show what a lying liar she is."

A fourth person chimed in: "Perhaps this is true and she feels really self conscious about it and doesn't wish to address it publicly so she is overcompensating by denying it? Just saying."

A commentator pointed out: "if a situation makes her too uncomfortable to address publicly, then she should just not address it. telling a lie that people can easily disprove right away with public information only draws more attention and commentary.

"No one is forcing her to post about her teeth and literally no one would be calling her out if she wasn’t lying."


The rumors of Jenelle missing her bottom teeth came about in 2018 when the TV star denied that husband David Eason allegedly assaulted her, according to Hollywood Life. 

When David was accused of breaking her jaw, which supposedly caused her to lose her bottom teeth, Jenelle released a video on YouTube and reportedly said in an Instagram story: "So you guys don’t think I have teeth at the bottom?”

She continued: "“I mean, supposedly I got my teeth knocked out, right? Wrong!

“If you’re dying to know, I have a retainer. Why do I have a retainer on my teeth? Because I’m realigning my jaw. 

The TV personality concluded: "So instead of going the plastic surgery route like most people, I’m … not. So now you can stop making fake articles.”

Chelsea Houska‘s father, Randy – who happened to be a dentist – addressed Jenelle's claims and tweeted: “Jaws are ‘re-aligned’ after they have been ‘un-aligned.'” 

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