Temptation Island fans slam David over 'crocodile tears' after his 'wild' night as his girlfriend Kate stays loyal

Temptation Island fans slam David over 'crocodile tears' after his 'wild' night as his girlfriend Kate stays loyal

TEMPTATION Island viewers were left disgusted by David after he said he “cried twice” over the guilt of having a threesome during a “wild night”.

David saw his girlfriend Kate stay loyal to him at tonight’s bonfire – leaving him feeling even “more guilty”.

But fans doubted if he really was guilty or if his tears were just for show.

David told Temptation Island host Mark Walberg that he has been on an “emotional rollercoaster.”

He explained he had a “wild” night with two girls, but said it was “emotionless”.

Riddled with guilt, David admitted that he let his girlfriend Kate down as he promised he wouldn’t disrespect his relationship.

Meanwhile, David saw Kate not getting physical with anyone.

He said he felt even “more guilty” after seeing his girlfriend’s “innocent” clips.

He also admitted to crying “twice” and that he had “never cried in my life.”

Furious fans took to Twitter to share their reaction to his guilt-ridden manner.

One viewer wrote: “David is a freaking scumbag! WTH?! Loudly crying face He's making Evan look like a saint.”

Another said: “David deserves an Oscar for those crocodile tears – you just attempted a full on threesome and now you’re like ‘oh no can’t believe I did that’?!? #TemptationIsland”.

A third commented: “It’s madness looking forward to next week’s episode after all that.”

Viewers got a snippet of Kate’s reaction to her boyfriend’s infidelity at the end of the episode.

Kate gasped while watching the clip of David and commented: “It's a different girl?”

Shortly after she saw David get into bed with two other girls.

Kate was left fuming and the other girls beside her were also evidently shocked at what they've just seen.

The American reality show – which originally aired in the States two years ago – is currently airing in the UK on E4 for the first time.

The savage show is about couples who are in a proper relationship and want to test their commitment towards each other.

They go into a villa together, but are surrounded by single people to see if they're tempted to stray from their partner.

Temptation Island continues next Monday at 10pm on E4.

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