The 10 ways Peter Andre proves he is the perfect dad – and how his parenting style is very different to Katie Price’s – The Sun

The 10 ways Peter Andre proves he is the perfect dad – and how his parenting style is very different to Katie Price’s – The Sun

KATIE Price has always praised her ex-husband Peter Andre for being a "great dad" to their children Junior, 16, and Princess, 14.

The former glamour model called the two teenagers a "credit" to him when she wished him a Happy Father's Day earlier this year.

So it's understandable that Pete is furious over claims Katie has made in her new book, Harvey & Me, saying he refused to stay in contact with her disabled son Harvey after their 2009 split.

Pete helped to raise Harvey during the couple's four-year marriage after the teenager's biological dad Dwight Yorke abandoned him as a baby.

But Katie says when they split in 2009 it had a huge impact on Harvey, who has Prader-Willi Syndrome, autism and blindness.

The Sun understands that Peter’s solicitors sent legal letters and evidence after Katie’s claims that he refused to stay – and he's insisted he's a "great dad".

Peter has since remarried Emily MacDonagh and had two more children, Theo, 5 and Amelia, 7. He also co-parents Junior,  and Princess, with Katie.

And, while Pete and Katie's parenting styles do differ, there's no denying Pete is the perfect dad.

From classic embarrassing dad moments to teaching the kids how to fish and hanging out with the Beckhams, here are some of Pete's cutest fatherly moments.

Like father, like son (and daughter)

Both Junior and Princess appear to have inherited their dad's talent as a performer.

Proud dad Pete regularly shares videos of Princess singing at home in the studio and Junior proudly showing off his rap and singing skills.

His eldest son even joined him on stage at the Fantasia Festival in Maldon, Essex, earlier this year, leaping at the opportunity to perform alongside his famous dad.

Junior even announced he'd signed a record contract earlier this year, with Columbia Records UK, which represents the likes of Harry Styles, in partnership with Rebel Records.

He posted a picture alongside his father to his 458,000 Instagram followers as he thanked his family – including his mum – and friends for their support.

The teenager wrote: "Wow.. where do I start. These past 6 months have been hectic. But I’ve loved every single second of it. My dad took me to the studio 6 months ago and got me in the booth at @rebelrecs.

"Since then I have secretly been working on a MASSIVE project, and not long ago got a call saying @columbiauk want to sign me! I would just like to say thank you to the team @rebelrecs alongside my dad who have helped develop me into an artist.

"And of course a big shoutout to @skartist and @marcellonoego who are very talented and have been working with me on this project since the start."

He ended: "Also not forgetting my mum who is always supportive of me. And of course my family and friends. I love everyone who supports me and I am very excited to go on this journey with you all. NEW MUSIC COMING SOON!!"

Hands-on dad

But it's not just singing Pete encourages – he spurs them on in everything from hobbies to schoolwork.

A source close to the singer told The Sun: "He's the dad who'll drop everything to be at Princess's school show and patiently sit with Junior helping him with his science homework even though he jokes his doctor wife should be the one doing it!"

And, during lockdown, he really did get stuck in, while his wife Emily was working as an NHS doctor – even while he got COVID.

He told HELLO!: "I remember her calling me one day and explaining that someone had walked in coughing, so she was going to self isolate for three days. Three days later she got so sick, and everyone in that room ended up getting COVID.

"So at that time I had the whole family at home, I was cooking for everyone, I was parenting, I was cleaning, I was the chef, I was doing all of it, but I loved it!"

Sharing his Aussie roots

Having grown up on the sunny Gold Coast in Australia, Pete takes his kids on outdoor adventures all the time.

And, before the coronavirus pandemic prevented Australian residents from visiting the UK, and vice versa, Pete regularly flew his children out Down Under to spend some quality time with their ageing grandparents.

Our source says: “Pete's at his happiest when he’s with the children – especially when they’re on holiday visiting family in Cyprus and Australia – and often says when he’s had a stressful day or is feeling down and says it’s the kids who lift his spirits even when he’s at his lowest."

It's not just Australia the kids have been though.

During a trip to Florida in 2018 he took Junior and Princess fishing, a day the dad described as "awesome", up until the point he fell seasick and threw up on the side of the boat.

Despite the minor setback, the kids had a great time, each posing with the fishes they had caught.

He has also taught the kids how to swim, takes them to the beach to build sandcastles and gets goofy with them at water slides in amusement parks.


Pete doesn't let his successful career stand in the way of daddy duties.

The TV personality and businessman does the school run, flips pancakes for his kids' breakfast and bakes.

He takes on cleaning responsibilities as well, and shared a hilarious snap of then seven-month-old Theo strapped to Pete's chest while the singer mopped the kitchen floor.

"OK I just took multitasking to a new level," he captioned the snap.

Despite his home-making skills he does let things slide a little when Emily is away.

Our source says: “Pete’s a big kid at heart and loves nothing more than playing video games and eating junk food – joking when Emily’s away that the kids have got ‘no chance’ at making it to bed on time and having the healthy home-cooked dinners they’re used to, despite his love of cooking!"

Breaking up brawls

All siblings bicker and Pete's children are no exception.

At the end of 2020, Princess and Junior were caught on camera fighting over Christmas presents.

Junior had given her a a pair of Marigold gloves and bin bags, instructing her to clean her room, with dad having to step in to diffuse the situation.

But Pete doesn't just keep the peace at home.

Last year, in a now-deleted tweet, the singer tried to settle the feud between rappers Stormzy and Wiley by telling them: "If you don't like each other take it to each other, don't bring each other's families into it man.

"C'mon you both know that ain't right. You're both incredible artists."

Unfortunately, the well-meaning tweet backfired with people comparing Pete's input to that of a dad trying to settle an argument between his children.

Pete was also mercilessly mocked for tagging the wrong celebrity accounts in his tweet.

Keeping it natural

While Pete prefers to keep his  youngest kids out of the limelight, he has been obliging in sharing snaps of his children with Katie after previously appearing in reality shows with them.

However, while Katie regularly shares pictures of Princess with a full face of makeup and her amazing curls straightened, Pete likes to show off his daughter's natural side.

He also has not been so keen for them to have their own social media accounts – and even supported TikTok when they briefly banned Princess this year.

Speaking in his New Mag column about the dilemma, Peter explained: "My daughter Princess was excited to be back on TikTok again after her account got suspended, but then she got blocked again!

"Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I said to her that for them to ban you, there must be a reason.

"I said, whatever it is, if you're not supposed to be on it, get off it!

"I'm harsh but I always do it with a smile and she knows I love her."

Firm but fair parenting

While he loves being the playful dad, the singer is no pushover when it comes to the house rules.

The kids know when to cross the line and he is determined they will get the best out of their education too.

"Pete's firm and has strict rules so the kids know that when he's serious about something, there's no rule-bending and the children clearly have a huge amount of respect for him and know when it's play time and when it's not," our source says.

"He'll sit with Junior and Princess for hours doing their homework, make sure they know the value of money by giving them chores and tasks to earn things they want and is always going out of his way to show them how lucky they are – taking them to their local homeless shelter to help serve food and donate their old clothes to charity.

"Peter's firm but kind and while he's worked hard to install good values in his children, he's also hellbent on being hands-on and ensuring his kids feel close to open up to him about their problems."

Friends in high places

Having shot to fame in the nineties, Pete has rubbed shoulders with many celebrities, including striking up a friendship with Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham.

And he has ensured that his own kids have equally fabulous family pals, introducing Junior to Victoria's sons Brooklyn, 20, Romeo, 17 and 14-year-old Cruz at Pete's West End show, Thriller Live.

Dad dancing

And while he might be a big name in showbiz, like any dad, Pete has his embarrassing moments, too.

A clip of the singer trying to impress Junior with his cool dance moves was shared to Instagram, with the youngster heavily mocking his dad.

"He really wants to be down wit the mandem," Junior captioned the post.

"Not with them moves. Not a chance."

PDA dad

Although he makes a point to keep his youngest children out of the spotlight, Pete isn't afraid to be openly affectionate with them.

He is frequently seen giving them loving cuddles and kisses and gushing about his love for his family on social media.

“Pete loves nothing more than kicking a ball around with Junior before dinner on his mini football pitch and crawling into the little one’s play house trying to catch them as they squirm and giggle," says our source.

"He's built special and very unique bonds with all of his children and takes time with them all behind the scenes – even if it's just sitting and watching Junior's favourite show with him, dancing and doing karaoke with Princess and running round the garden with Theo and Amelia acting like a big kid."

"Pete says his role of being a dad is the most important and ensures it always comes first," says our source.

"So whether it's dropping something in his schedule to make time for one of the kids he thinks may be going through a hard time at school or just taking time out to bake cookies with the little ones, he always goes above and beyond to ensure his kids always know they come first."

He really is a great dad!


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