The Apprentice winners now – £5m payday, bitter lawsuit and acting career U-turn

The Apprentice winners now – £5m payday, bitter lawsuit and acting career U-turn

BBC series The Apprentice is 18 years old.

A new set of budding entrepreneurs are currently hoping to be crowned the winner of the 2023 season and gain investment from Lord Sugar for their business.

Since 2005, numerous individuals have been fired, while others have gone on to work with the entrepreneur himself.

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There have been 16 winners so far who impressed Lord Sugar with their business plans.

Daily Star takes a look at where some of the champions of The Apprentice are now as the show marks a milestone anniversary.

Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell became the first ever winner of The Apprentice back in 2005, and went on to work for Lord Sugar at Amstrad for two years.

He has since founded a digital marketing agency in London called Marketing Runners Ltd, and charity The Bright Ideas Trust, which helps young entrepreneurs to start a business.

Tim's hard work and dedication, not only to business, but also to helping future company leaders, meant that in 2012 he was awarded an MBE for services to enterprise culture.

That's not all, as Tim stepped in to replace Claude Littner on the 2022 and 2023 series of The Apprentice, after he suffered an injury last year.

Tim told the BBC: "I’m excited to be looking after Claude’s boardroom chair while he recuperates and look forward to seeing what the candidates come up with on this year’s tasks.

"I was saddened by the circumstances which led to getting the call, but having been on the show myself I know the hard work that goes into it – so I didn’t take the decision lightly."

Michelle Dewberry

Michelle Dewberry followed in Tim's footsteps, becoming the second winner of The Apprentice.

Like Tim, she worked at Amstrad for over a year before becoming a self-employed consultant and then making a career u-turn to become a pundit for Sky News.

In June 2021, she became a presenter on GB news, but rumours circulated recently that she was leaving the channel after viewers noticed her slot was missing from TV guides.

However, Michelle addressed the rumours on social media and confirmed that she was not leaving, saying on Twitter: "Rumours swirling re my @GBNEWS show as programme guides show the removal of my show next week…

"Sorry to disappoint the mischief makers, but I’m just taking a couple of weeks annual leave & being covered by Alex."

Simon Ambrose

In 2007, Simon Ambrose was awarded the prestigious honour of helping to run Lord Sugar's property business Amsprop after winning the series.

However since then, he has put his business skills to use in a different sector, running a series of bars and restaurants in London.

Not only that, but Simon also has hidden talents too, as he chairs the London Contemporary Orchestra and has also entered into the world of acting.

Lee McQueen

Lee McQueen won The Apprentice in 2008, but he is most fondly remembered by viewers for his dinosaur impressions during his time on the series.

Like 2005 winner Tim Campbell, Lee McQueen worked for Lord Sugar's Amstrad for over two years, before leaving to set up his own sales training company called Raw Talent Academy, and technology company Phoenix 51.

He currently lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and three daughters, and in his spare time, it is reported that he appears on the Tottenham Hotspur YouTube fan channel.

Yasmina Siadatan

Yasmina Siadatan won The Apprentice in 2009, later going on to work for Lord Sugar's medical supply division of Amstrad.

However, she left the company after a few months following the birth of her son with her partner, Andrew, and later had another son, with the family later moving to Henley.

She went on to be hired by Dragons Den star James Caan's private equity firm after she was head hunted by the Dragon, before working as the Head of Marketing at a Fintech Firm.

However, Yasmina admitted to the Henley Standard that she no longer watches The Apprentice, saying: "I stopped watching the show a few years ago but that’s no offence to The Apprentice as I only watch TV for the news now. I love politics and current affairs."

Her love of politics has even extended into her own life, as she ran as a Conservative candidate on Henley's council.

Stella English

Stella English won The Apprentice in 2010 and worked for Lord Sugar's Amstrad company for over a year.

However in 2011, she brought a constructive dismissal case against the entrepreneur, claiming that she had been forced to resign, which was later dismissed by the court.

Following the decision, Stella spoke about the effect that the court case had on her and her family, telling Lorraine Kelly and Aled Jones on Daybreak: "I don’t regret going on the show because I won The Apprentice and I’m very proud of that.

“But I do regret obviously what I’ve had to go through and what my family have had to go through, and I’m very sad the repercussions that it’s had.

"However I will stand by it, I’ve spoken the truth and I’ve stood up for myself and I‘ve had to pay for it dearly but I will never apologise for it."

Tom Pellereau

Tom Pellereau has become of the most successful stars of The Apprentice, after winning the TV programme in 2011 with his innovative ideas.

One such idea for a curved nail file, is now stocked by shops across the UK, and he runs his own website where he sells other products including reusable make up wipes.

It's no surprise then that his business turned over a huge £5 million in 2019.

When he isn't creating new ideas, he shares insights into his family life at home on social media, including one sweet snap of him and his son playing with a coding robot – showing that his interest for innovation and creation have definitely been passed onto his children.

The post was captioned: "Kids of the 80s do you remember Big Trax? When I was young I so wanted one but they were incredibly expensive. Now less than £30! Can't believe they're still available. Makes a great code teaching tool, playing with my son."

Ricky Martin

From part time professional wrestler to entrepreneur, as Ricky Martin joined fellow winners of The Apprentice to take the top spot on the series in 2012.

Since then, he has used his entrepreneurial experience to start a recruitment company called Hyper Recruitment Solutions.

He also shares stories and insights from his own experiences at business conferences and school talks.

In an interview with The Express, Ricky has also hit back at claims by former contestants that the editing of the show is unfair, saying: "They can’t edit out the context, they can’t put two conversations and thread it into one to make it look like you’ve said something wrong."

He added: "I don’t think the show is trying to make people look stupid.

"I don’t think my edit was unfair, I think other peoples edits were more than fair."

Leah Totton

Leah Totton is another hugely successful winner of The Apprentice, after winning the series in 2013.

Lord Sugar invested in her cosmetic clinic business, which now has multiple sites in London, Moorgate and Essex, turning over an estimated £1.6 million per year.

However talking to The Guardian, Leah said that the initial reception she received was quite hostile, saying: "What I found more upsetting was the coverage of my business. There were articles calling me "Dr Barbie", which is incredibly derogatory."

She added: "That hostility was difficult. But if you put yourself out there, you have to take the rough with the smooth. You can’t mope. You have to roll with the punches."

Mark Wright

Mark Wright won The Apprentice in 2014 and used his winnings to found a digital marketing company called Climb Online.

He also shared a post on Instagram after he became a UK citizen, having moved from Australia in 2012, with a photo of him holding his official document.

The post was captioned: "While Australia will always be my home and love, the UK has given me unbelievable opportunities, amazing friends, businesses and a home. As I have said many times it is a land of opportunity and diversity and I absolutely love it here. Thank you for having me."

Joseph Valente

Joseph was a successful teenage entrepreneur after creating his own plumbing business, before going on to win The Apprentice in 2015.

Lord Sugar invested in the company ImpraGas, but in 2013, Joseph bought Lord Sugar's shares and early in 2020, he sold the company.

However, he told Metro that he suffered depression after selling ImpraGas due to online abuse he received, saying: "The damage is done. I got abused, hardcore, online by all of the haters that were waiting for me to fail. I took a lot of grief from it.

"It hit me extremely hard. You know, it was the worst depression, I’ve probably ever experienced. I started to question my ability."

However, he has since gone on to become the CEO of Trade Mastermind, which gives advice to construction businesses, as well as becoming the author of bestselling book Boardroom Billionaire.

Alana Spencer

Alana Spencer soared to victory when she won The Apprentice in 2016, after impressing Lord Sugar with her cake making business.

Ridiculously Rich by Alana is a luxury, hand made cake company that has 50 franchises across the UK and Alana even delights fans with her baking on her own YouTube channel.

Lord Sugar invested in the company, but The Sun reported in 2019 that Alana had bought his shares in the company, and is now the sole director of Ridiculously Rich.

She also recently opened up four cafes in Wales, after the pandemic caused the entrepreneur to rethink her business plan.

Alana told Wales Online: "We’ve had to pivot the business massively. Cafes were not really part of our plan.

“We were focused on selling cakes at festivals and shows but obviously they were all cancelled."

Outside of her business, it has also previously been reported that Alana has close bonds with her fellow Apprentice contestants including Grainne McCoy, Frances Bishop and Courtney Wood.

Sarah Lynn

The Apprentice delivered a shocking announcement to viewers in 2017, when the prize was awarded to two winners.

Sarah Lynn was one of the contestants to win the series with her sweet company, Sweets in the City, which has become even more successful in the past few years after launching their own brand of sweets in addition to longstanding favourites.

She is also a mum to two children, with her husband Mikey, and said that it was 'full on' winning the show and becoming pregnant in a short space of time, telling The Express: "I think to be pregnant after winning…

"It was full-on. It was a full-on time for me because, obviously, being pregnant can be tough at times, physically and mentally, and I had a really busy time."

James White

James White was the second contestant to win the 2017 series of The Apprentice alongside Sarah Lynn.

He joined forces with Lord Alan Sugar on the business Right Time Recruitment, but in 2020 it was confirmed that the two entrepreneurs had parted ways.

In a statement sent to The Metro, Lord Alan Sugar said: "I wish James all the very best for the future and will follow his progress with interest."

James White added in a separate statement: "I am very grateful for everything Lord Sugar has done for me. The knowledge and advice gained from Lord Sugar and his team has been invaluable."

James continues to be the director of the company, and in his spare time, he also shares photos of himself spending time working out in the gym.

Sian Gabbidon

Sian Gabbidon won The Apprentice in 2018, investing her winnings into her bikini wear company that has since expanded in the past two years to include lounge wear and party clothes.

The star can also regularly be seen sharing sizzling snaps of her bikini range on social media, including one photo showing Sian in a hot pink, high leg bikini while on holiday.

Many famous faces have been seen wearing her clothing, including the stars of ITV series including Love Island and The Only Way is Essex.

She has also recently teamed up with the high street supermarket chain Asda to collaborate on a new line of clothing.

Carina Lepore

The last contestant to win The Apprentice was baker Carina Lepore, whose artisan bakery Dough Bake House has been delighting customers for more than a year.

Lord Sugar invested £250,000 into the business, and even attended the socially distanced launch party for a second premises in Beckenham last year.

He also told This Morning hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that despite the pandemic, the business had been booming and that they plan to rival popular bakery store Greggs, saying: "I think Carina will concur that throughout this pandemic, the shop has been busy.

"It’s given us encouragement to open a second branch which was always on the cards.

"Greggs watch out, we’re going to have a lot of branches."

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