The Walking Dead fans convinced Lydia will watch Alpha’s beheading in sick Negan twist – The Sun

The Walking Dead fans convinced Lydia will watch Alpha’s beheading in sick Negan twist – The Sun

ALPHA’s reign of terror could come to an abrupt end in next week’s episode of The Walking Dead.

The leader of The Whisperers, played by Samantha Morton, burned Hilltop to the ground in the latest episode of the AMC zombie drama.

She was seemingly pushed over the edge after being shunned by daughter Lydia (Cassidy McClincy), who came across her following a brutal brawl with Daryl.

She had begged Lydia to kill her and take over as the leader of Whisperers, but Lydia refused, rescuing Daryl and leaving Alpha the message: “Your way is the only way.”

What’s more, a first look clip from next week’s episode teased that Alpha’s death was imminent.

As Alpha and Negan inspect the ruins of Hilltop, which she set light to in last week’s episode, Alpha seems unsatisfied.

"I do not have everything I want," she tells Negan.

Negan is quick to offer a solution in a major nod to the Robert Kirkman comics upon which the show is based.

"The thing that you've been looking for? I've found it," Negan tells her, leading Alpha towards a shack.

Negan clutches a large knife to his side, seeming to hint at his plans to double cross Alpha.

Now fans are convinced that Lydia will witness the decapitation in a cruel twist of fate.

TWDFanComic wrote on Reddit: “I think that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will still ultimately follow his comic arc and kill Alpha, but my small prediction is that Lydia witnesses this, because poor Lydia simply can’t catch a break.

“It would be interesting to see how she would feel about Negan going forward. In 10A she gets along well with Negan because they are both the outcasts.”

They continued: “I think Lydia knows deep down her mom needs to die, but regardless it’s obviously going to be a hard pill to swallow once Alpha is actually dead.”

“I think it would be a good development story for her too. I could see it now… Negan and Alpha alone somewhere, Negan knowing this is probably his shot, and just as he takes his shot Lydia calls for her mom in the distance after locking eyes with both Negan and Alpha.

“She’s definitely more important in the show and Cassidy is a good actress so I think she’d nail a scene like this.”

The theory was swamped with upvotes and messages of agreement from like-minded fans.

User Inessence4 chimed in: “If Beta dies, Lydia will be the only person around possibly mourning Alpha.

“Watching the communities celebrate will be hard on her I’m sure. Even though she knows her mom is dangerous, it’s still her mom.”

In the graphic novels, Negan beheads Alpha after successfully winning her trust be infiltrating The Whisperers.

He later returns her head to Alexandria as a trophy in a bid to win his freedom in the allied communities after previously being incarcerated.

Show boss Angela Kang has previously remained tight-lipped about whether she’ll be staying true to the storyline, and threw a major spanner in the works when she had Alpha and Negan indulge in a romp in the forest.

However, Negan urging Alpha to spare Hilltop indicated that his sympathies still lie with his former captors.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday's on AMC in the US and on Mondays on Fox in the UK.

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