Vanderpump Rules Reunion Recap: Tom Gets Grilled About the #Scandoval

Vanderpump Rules Reunion Recap: Tom Gets Grilled About the #Scandoval

These might be the best days of our lives, but Vanderpump Rules‘ Tom had a pretty rough night.

He faced a virtual firing squad of tough questions at Wednesday’s first part of the three-part Season 10 reunion after his affair with Raquel came to light in March, destroying his decade-long relationship with Ariana. And yes, he deserves it! First, Andy sits down for solo interviews with Sandoval (dubbing him “the most hated man on television”), Raquel and Ariana, who reveals that she and Sandoval are still living together but staying far away from each other. Tom confesses he and Raquel first had sex the night they were spotted together at the Abbey. (James’ girlfriend Ally was right from the beginning!) He claims that was just a one-time thing, though, until they began hooking up again after filming wrapped. He also claims he and Ariana already had issues (“I felt like I was her gay BFF”), but Ariana chalks that up as a way to excuse his inexcusable behavior.

Then the actual reunion kicks off with Ariana clad in a sexy red revenge dress and Scheana temporarily sitting in for Raquel due to a restraining order, with Raquel watching on TV from her trailer. (When Sandoval walks in, Ariana mutters, “Well, he looks like s–t.”) Sandoval admits he’s feeling “all over the place,” and Schwartz says he and Katie are in a good place these days — which she rolls her eyes at. When Sandoval starts to tear up, both James and Ariana jump down his throat and mock him for his crocodile tears, but he insists he loves Ariana and he apologizes for “what happened.” She snaps: “Nothing happened. You did it.” She also adds: “You can f–k off.” Lala labels Sandoval “a dangerous person,” and when Lisa tries to argue with her, she claps right back at the queen. (Damn!) Andy tries to get into the issues between Sandoval and Ariana, but she quickly points out that intimacy issues don’t justify infidelity. Amen.

James then chimes in and grills Sandoval about their friendship, which is in tatters now, and it gets heated to the point where James stands up and gets right in Sandoval’s face, with Andy forced to play bodyguard as James labels Sandoval “a worm with a mustache.” So why did Sandoval not tell Ariana about Raquel? He says he was too scared to tell her, adding that she was going through a lot already and didn’t want to add to it. (Well, ya did.) Andy then turns to Schwartz to find out when he first learned about the affair. Schwartz mumbles and stammers before pinning it down to late August… which Sandoval doesn’t agree with. (In his interview with Andy, Sandoval said January. Oops!) Sandoval claims he wasn’t using Schwartz as a decoy… but he was encouraging them to make out after he and Raquel had already had sex, so OK. We also dredge up the immortal ghost of Miami Girl, who, yes, Sandoval slept with and Ariana knew about at the time but lied to protect him. And that worked out great.

Andy backtracks and does an autopsy on the Schwartz and Katie marriage, with Katie remembering that Schwartz always put partying with his friends over her. Schwartz is still sore that Katie hooked up with other people right after their divorce, but Katie reminds him: “Darling, you’re not a victim in this.” Schwartz does apologize for kissing Raquel, though he still insists it felt “liberating.” Andy brings up the fact that just about everyone in this cast has been a cheater at some point, except Katie. (And Lisa!) But the Raquel situation is a whole different ballgame, obviously. Schwartz later admits that his relationship with his female friend Jo evolved into a “situation-ship,” while Katie calls her “a creep.” And Jo was BFFs with Kristen Doute? And we never saw her on the show? Producers, get to work and correct this injustice.

The Toms then address the long gestation period for Schwartz & Sandy’s, which is finally open and doing great, Schwartz insists. Their business did take a temporary hit after the #Scandoval, though, with people writing #TeamAriana on the bathroom mirror. Ariana says she may have to disengage with Lisa if she stays in business with Sandoval — and her sandwich shop with Katie is still slated to open in “late May.” They’ve also sold about 200 grand (!) in merchandise since the scandal broke, so good for them! Scheana talks a bit about Brock and her burgeoning friendship with Lala, and also relays how blindsided she was by the Sandoval and Raquel affair since she defended Raquel so strongly this season. Lala then unloads on Sandoval, and things get awfully shouty again. Next week: Part 2! And maybe we get to actually hear from Raquel this time!

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