What happened to Laura Leigh on Vanderpump Rules?

What happened to Laura Leigh on Vanderpump Rules?

VANDERPUMP Rules star Laura Leigh appeared in the first season of the reality drama series.

Leigh shocked fans when she left the show abruptly and went on to pursue other projects.

What happened to Laura Leigh on Vanderpump Rules?

Laura Leigh starred on Vanderpump Rules in 2013.

She was a memorable character on the show and best known for having an infamous secret hookup in the bathroom of SUR with Jax Taylor, which shocked Lisa Vanderpump. 

The tryst caused Leigh her job at SUR and she was fired shortly after, according to Life and Style.

She had also admitted on the show that she had dealt with drug problems and addiction from a young age.

The reality star said: “I started drinking when I was 12 and then got into meth really heavily. 

“I was robbing my family's houses, selling all of our stuff to pawn shops. 

“It was really, really bad. I do everything as hard as I can do it, as fast as I can do it, and yet I'm still convinced that I can have a glass of wine."

Is Laura Leigh an actress?

After her stint on Vanderpump Rules, Leigh was cast on the comedy film We’re The Millers.

She has also appeared on the television show Blue Bloods and in the movie Under the Silver Lake, according to her IMDb page.

Leigh often shows her home and family life on her Instagram page, which has over 4,000 followers.

According to her posts, she reportedly lives in New York City.

It is unclear if she will star in any upcoming films or shows.

What is Laura Leigh’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Leigh has a net worth of $250,000.

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