What the You Killer Reveal Means for Part 2

What the You Killer Reveal Means for Part 2

The new you of “You” has been unmasked, and it spells a very sticky situation for Joe (Penn Badgley). The finale of “You” Season 4, Part 1 reveals that Rhys (Ed Speleers) is the notorious Eat the Rich Killer, murdering Joe’s glamorous new associates one-by-one because he too hates their guts.

The killer reveal sets the stage for Part 2 (premiering March 9), because identifying the murderer doesn’t protect Joe or anyone else from being his next victim. No one is safe — some are in even more danger now — and the next five episodes could be a total bloodbath.

Here’s what to expect for all the major characters in “You” Season 4 after that midseason cliffhanger.


How does a group of people make up for condoning the extrajudicial execution of their homely new American friend? Joe suggests that maybe they can’t, and that his dalliance with London’s privileged elite is over. Unfortunately for them, Joe is the only person who knows the killer’s identity, and no one would blame him for being strongly disinclined to help them after Roald (Ben Wiggins) held him at gunpoint and chased him through the woods.

Joe is also in a tricky spot because Rhys no longer believes they’re working toward the same purpose. He thinks Rhys is completely deranged and plans to stop him, but not until he figures out the mayoral hopeful’s next move and victim. In an uncharacteristic move, Joe politely declines Kate’s invitation to drinks, keeping romantic and sexual distance between them as he plans his next move. Is this…growth?


Two men — one in a suit and one in a simple black shirt — look up at something O.S.; still from "You"

Penn Badgley and Ed Speleers


The Eat the Rich Killer was hiding in plain sight all season (actually he was often deliberately obscured or out of frame so that the audience would essentially forget he existed), and now he’s out for even more blood. Self-made Rhys Montrose is running for mayor of London, using a platform of wealth inadequacy while publicly denouncing the murders (as one should)… and probably planning the next one.

Rhys no longer has anonymity on his side in stalking and manipulating Joe, but he’s the only one who knows “Jonathan Moore”s true identity and might still want Joe to kill and frame someone else for the murders. Is Rhys bold enough to keep killing while actively campaigning for office? And with his own wealth and mania, who can stop him?

Kate (Charlotte Ritchie)

Kate resumes her icy veneer after Joe says no to drinks (and no to many other things by extension). She might not think he’s the killer, but they concealed a body together and know that the killer is still at large. Rhys wanted her dead just a few episodes ago, so she’s hardly safe yet, and she has no idea what happened with Roald and Joe before Rhys locked them up.


Will Roald suck less in Part 2? Unlikely, but even Joe agrees that being a total d-bag isn’t sufficient grounds to kill the guy. Roald owes Joe his life, which means he could be useful in catching Rhys (and saving Kate, which is probably the incentive he needs) and try to redeem himself for literally hunting a man.

Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman)

A college student with chest-length dark hair wearing a light brown leather jacket and holding a book at a library table; still from "You"

Amy-Leigh Hickman


Have we heard the last of Joe’s astute student who had an affair with first victim Malcolm (Stephen Hagan)? Most likely no. For one thing, Nadia is an expert in whodunits and Joe is still her teacher. She trusts him after he confiscated her letter from Malcolm and Kate’s apartment, and that trust could lead to closeness, which could lead to her cracking the case.

Marienne (Tati Gabrielle)

Joe’s latest love might be truly out of the picture, which would be a relief since she deserves peace and there’s no need for a Black woman to join the skeletons in Joe’s closet. “You” is the rare show that thrives on its white nonsense, a series that doesn’t need diversity and inclusion if it’s going to make minority characters victims of a white man’s violence. If Marienne does return, she could help catch the killer or force Joe to repent for his own crimes, surviving the whole ordeal and even emerging victorious.

Everyone Else

We won’t lie; Most of Joe’s shiny new clique are indistinguishable from one another, and spending less time with them won’t be the worst thing in Part 2. Phoebe (Tilly Keeper) and Adam (Lukas Gage) will probably pop up the most because of their proximity to Kate, but will they help or hurt Joe’s cause — or end up dead?

“You” Season 4 Part 1 is now streaming on Netflix. Part 2 premieres March 9.

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