Why did Robert Webb quit Strictly Come Dancing? Deeply regret

Why did Robert Webb quit Strictly Come Dancing? Deeply regret

Strictly: Janette announces Robert Webb has quit show

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Strictly is about to enter its fourth week, but Robert Webb will not be taking part. Dance partner Dianne Buswell will also be leaving the series after three weeks in what is a rather abrupt end for the pair. While their scores were steadily rising, viewers will no longer be able to vote for the duo.

Why has Robert Webb quit Strictly Come Dancing?

Robert Webb, 49, and his dance partner Dianne Buswell had been a popular addition but were initially struggling to hit the high marks.

In week one they scored 20 and in the following week a much more respectable 27.

Following week three, the pair looked set to go the long haul in the 2021 series, making Webb’s announcement all the more surprising.

They were also one of the more popular dance couples of the series, with the Peep Show star attracting a large following to the show.

However, on Wednesday evening Webb released a statement detailing his decision to leave the series, explaining it was due to ongoing health complications.

Webb explained: “I’m extremely sorry to have to announce that I’m withdrawing from Strictly Come Dancing due to ill health.

“Two years ago I had open-heart surgery and although I believed I was fit enough to take on Strictly and its demanding schedule, it became clear that I had bitten off way more than I could chew for this stage in my recovery.”

The comedian went on to explain how he had started to feel symptoms earlier in the show and sought out urgent consultation.

His heart specialist stressed the importance of Webb stepping back from the show to help the ongoing recovery process.

As Webb has been forced to leave the show, so has Buswell, who will not be featured in the remainder of the competition.

Webb continued: “I’m proud of the three dances that Dianne Buswell and I managed to perform and deeply regret having to let her down like this.

“I couldn’t have wished for a more talented partner or more patient teacher, and it’s a measure of Dianne’s professionalism and kindness that I was able to get as far as I did.”

Webb went on to thank all the fans that voted for him in the process and the support he has received from “fellow heart patients”.

He then said that he will still be supporting his “brother and sister contestants” from home and that he will enjoy the series through to Christmas.

Webb opened up about his ongoing heart issues earlier this month when the star discussed the condition to the Sun.

He explained how the condition had been made worse by his 10 year battle with alcohol, yet it is a birth defect he had been dealing with for many years.

Webb made the decision to cut down on his drinking, which he feared had reached the point of addiction.

Speaking of her dance partner, Buswell said: “As a massive fan of Robert’s, I was delighted to find out that he was joining the Strictly family. On top of this, to find out he was my partner was the icing on the cake.

“We made a great team, worked hard and had a good laugh along the way. I am so proud of the three amazing dances we produced.

“I know Robert had a lot more to give to the competition but his health, of course, comes first and I wish him a speedy recovery. I feel lucky to have danced with him and to call him a friend.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues Saturday at 7pm on BBC One.

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