Adorable baby monkeys tortured, exploited and killed in sick YouTube snuff films for clicks

Adorable baby monkeys tortured, exploited and killed in sick YouTube snuff films for clicks

BABY monkeys are being tortured, exploited and even killed in a wave of sick cruelty videos on YouTube.

Animal rights activists have slammed the social media giant for continuing to host the disturbing clips which appear to be part of a huge trend of the vids being filmed inSouth East Asia.

Disturbing clips uncovered by The Sun Online show the adorable creatures getting throttled, slapped, menaced with pliers or even killed on video.

It took just minutes for Sun Online to find numerous shocking abuse videos – some of which have hundreds of thousands of views each under the hashtag #monkey_tube.

Many showed the monkeys being dressed in clothes and nappies before being tormented and tortured – with some including links asking for donations.

One video we viewed showed a man throttling a baby monkey – with the video title boasting he made her "super loud cry".

Another clip showed a monkeys limbs being gripped as he was held upside down and slapped by his "mom".

And another video shows a desperate monkey clinging to her "dad" before he then hurls her into a lake so she can "learn to swim".

The Sun Online found one YouTube playlist of 112 videos on the site titled "Kill baby monkeys" which has been viewed nearly 200,000 times and includes various strange abuse videos.

Twisted commenters also egg on the abusers on and suggest various ways they can harm them, often under the pretense of "discipline".

Comments with suggestions for further cruel things that could be done to the monkeys are particularly disturbing

Another video shows an infant primate dressed in human clothes and being made to walk upright – which can damage its spine.

The vid is called "abuse of Haha, a baby monkey: First lessons of bipedal walking. Warning, drastic!.”

And another has a woman dangling a baby monkey over the edge of a balcony, which attracted 78,000 views. 

Meanwhile in another strange series of videos, monkeys are forced to carry out "cute" scenes as part of storylines in an type of online YouTube soap opera by their captors.

Monkey newborns and infants are placed in bizarre, upsetting or dangerous situations in these "shows" – which can end up with them being killed.

These monkey soap operas appeared to be common in Cambodia where the scenes are staged for YouTube.

Baby monkeys are often taken away from their mothers to create a film about a cute orphan in distress.

The more disturbing trend has been to hurt the little ones by placing them with adult monkeys — who are not their mothers — leading them to be rejected, sometimes falling out of trees and becoming injured or killed.

Placing infants in dramatic situations is also common as the abusers try to to win YouTube views.

In one video a baby can be seen in water drowning with the camera operator making no attempt to save it. 

Its mother then can be seen coming running to its rescue.

Animal rights organisation PETA told the Sun Online: "YouTube existing policies should see these horrific channels taken down immediately, but their content moderation – and response to PETA – has been lacking."

Last week, in a rare arrest, Indonesian authorities confiscated three macaque monkeys, who were kept chained in tiny cages and routinely tortured for YouTube videos.

The Wartakota Tribune reported how Rian Mardiansyah allegedly set off firecrackers near them, sprayed them with jets of water, smeared chili and glue into their food, and made them fight each other for treats as well as making small children hit them. 

The clips were then posted the videos to YouTube and asked for donations through his PayPal account.

Sarah Kite, the co-founder of the nonprofit Action for Primates, said: “Basically, these monkeys were being tortured, and footage of that torture and their suffering was filmed and broadcast on YouTube.

“Such behavior should not be tolerated, and we are very encouraged that the Indonesian authorities responded in the way they did.

“The supporting comments posted by viewers, with suggestions for further cruel things that could be done to the monkeys, was particularly disturbing."

It had also recently emerged monkeys are being used as forced labour in farms. 

A shocking report from animal rights charity PETA last month revealed that these creatures are used in the production of common supermarket coconut products like oil, milk and yogurt.

With the milk market alone worth up to £315million worldwide, monkeys are made to scale 100ft trees and pick up to 1,000 coconuts a day.

Thailand has long had a reputation for animal abuse exploitation, with tourists able to pay to ride captive elephants who are chained and beaten, and reportedly "sedated" tigers are used as props for selfies in so-called sanctuaries.

A YouTube spokeswoman said: “YouTube guidelines prohibit content featuring violence – this includes animal abuse.

"Any flagged content found to violate our policies is removed from YouTube immediately. Upon review, both channels have been terminated for violating our Community Guidelines.”

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