Baby falls in Brazil pool before father saves her, shows video

Baby falls in Brazil pool before father saves her, shows video

‘I just heard my husband screaming’: Moment father leaps into swimming pool to save his 14-month-old daughter from drowning after she climbs in while no one was watching

  • A 14-month-old baby girl called Bella almost drowned by falling in a pool in Brazil
  • Her dad, Cleyton Alves Pinto, 38, heard her thrashing and jumped in to save her
  • Karlla Araújo, 28, posted video of the incident online to warn other parents 

This is the nightmare moment a toddler almost drowned when she climbed into a family’s swimming pool. 

Footage shows father Cleyton Alves Pinto, 38, leaping into the pool in Matrinchã, Goiás, Brazil, to pull 14-month-old Bella out of the water.

Bella’s mother Karlla Araújo, 28, said she only realised what was happening when she heard Cleyton screaming. 

The scare was caught on the family’s CCTV, which Karlla recently shared online.

Karlla said it all happened ‘very fast’.  ‘I just heard my husband screaming,’ she told Crescer. 

She said: ‘When I got there, she was calm, not crying, just her heart racing.

‘I believe she didn’t drink much water.’

Karlla said she and her husband Cleyton Alves Pinto, 38, had spent the day by the pool with their two children, Bella and Miguel, 5.

The 14-month-old baby fell into the pool as her five-year-old brother sat reading at their home in Matrincha, Brazil

Once she fell in she was unable to heave herself out of the swimming pool, in footage recently shared online by her mother

The baby immediately started thrashing her arms as she tried to stop herself from drowning

A sudden gale surprised the family and they went inside to shelter from the wind and rain. Karlla changed her daughter’s wet clothes and she rejoined her father, who was sitting on a hammock.

She said Cleyton didn’t realise Bella had returned and so wasn’t paying attention to her movements.

She added he was waiting for the rain to ease before putting a cover on the pool.

In the days after the incident on September 12 Karlla realised her daughter had become terrified of water and even became agitated when being washed in a bath.

She posted the video online to alert other families of the dangers of swimming pools and of always being aware even when risk seems low.

‘God saved us from the worst but may this episode serve as a warning to all parents,’ she said. 

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